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Gia Duddy shares cryptic message after Will Levis breakup rumors

by Norman Scott

Gia Duddy, the girlfriend of Tennessee Titans rookie quarterback Will Levis, recently took to TikTok to express her hope for a better October after a challenging September. In a video, Duddy shared that September was “not it” for her and that she is looking forward to a fresh start in the new month.

The video comes amid rumors that Duddy and Levis had called it quits late last month. However, the couple has yet to address the reports publicly. Duddy’s post on TikTok featured her dancing to Playboi Carti’s song “Sky” while dressed in workout gear with the caption “Using this sound because last month was NOT it and I can’t risk repetition.”

Duddy gained public attention during the 2023 NFL Draft in April when she supported Levis, who was selected 33rd overall by the Titans. She also recently moved to Nashville and is currently living with friends according to her TikTok.

While Duddy did not provide further details on why September was difficult for her, her social media following has grown significantly since the draft. She has a large following on TikTok and frequently shares glimpses of her life with Levis.

Duddy caused some confusion among fans in a separate TikTok video where she wore a Philadelphia Eagles hat. She clarified in the comments that she is from outside of Philly and is not a fan of the Eagles or the Titans.

The status of Duddy and Levis’ relationship remains unclear, but the couple continues to follow each other on Instagram, and their posts together are still visible on their respective accounts.

It is worth noting that the information about Duddy’s hope for a better October and her relationship with Levis is based on her TikTok video and reports from the New York Post. Neither Duddy nor Levis has made an official statement addressing the rumors or confirming their current relationship status.

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