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Google Messages for web gets animated emoji, updated branding

by Norman Scott

Google Messages for web has recently undergone some branding updates and added animated emoji to enhance the user experience. These changes further solidify Google’s position in the consumer messaging arena.

The updated branding can be seen in the top-left corner of the Google Messages web and tablet experiences, where a four-color ‘G’ now precedes the word “Messages.” This change explicitly associates Google with RCS (Rich Communication Services) and SMS, highlighting the company’s commitment to its consumer messaging strategy.

Additionally, animated emoji have been introduced in SMS and RCS conversations on messages.google.com/web and the tablet Progressive Web App (PWA). This feature was first rolled out on Android devices in June and has recently become available on other platforms. The animations add a new dimension of expression to the conversations, with actions like “Grimacing” sporting a shifty-eyed animation and “Loudly-crying” showcasing a waterworks effect.

From a design perspective, emoji are no longer contained within message bubbles; instead, they appear directly in the background. This change provides a cleaner and more streamlined visual experience for users.

Google Messages continues to enhance its features and functionality across various platforms, making it a reliable and enjoyable messaging app for users. These recent updates demonstrate Google’s ongoing commitment to providing a top-notch messaging experience that combines convenience, innovation, and personal expression.

In conclusion, the branding and animated emoji updates in Google Messages for web and tablet serve to strengthen Google’s position in the messaging landscape. With these enhancements, users can enjoy a more visually engaging and connected messaging experience.

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