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Google’s latest innovation is a wearable Gboard hat that actually types

by Norman Scott

Google Japan has recently unveiled a unique DIY innovation – a hat shaped like a giant keycap. While it is not available for purchase, anyone interested can create their own version using either a 3D printer or cardboard. This head-turning device is not only aesthetically appealing but also functional.

So, how exactly does this hat work? The Gboard team at Google Japan has provided a video explaining its operation. Essentially, the hat is worn on the head and can be rotated from side to side. By adjusting the characters to be input based on the angle of the head, the user can then press a device to confirm their selection.

According to Google, “The shape that covers the head makes it a wearable device ideal for places with strong sunlight or in combination with free hairstyles.” This implies that the hat not only serves as a typing device but also provides protection from the sun. While it may sound like a late April Fool’s Day joke, Google Japan is serious about this invention.

To help enthusiasts create an authentic version of the Gboard hat, the company has released DIY blueprints on GitHub. These blueprints provide a guide for utilizing a 3D printer. Alternatively, for those who prefer a simpler approach, Google Japan has also provided a production guide that only requires cardboard and scissors to make the hat.

The Gboard hat boasts several specifications, including a 6-axis inertial sensor, a push switch, USB-C for charging, Bluetooth for device connectivity, and a key with a 20mm travel. These features make the hat not only fashionable but also functional and adaptable to different scenarios.

In the future, Google Japan plans to explore various designs for the hat to cater to different occasions. This indicates the company’s commitment to developing novel wearable devices that are both practical and stylish.

In conclusion, Google Japan’s Gboard hat is a fascinating innovation that allows users to type and enjoy protection from the sun. While the hat is not available for purchase, individuals can create their own using 3D printing or cardboard. This DIY project is an interesting example of how technology can be incorporated into fashion accessories. With the release of DIY blueprints, Google Japan aims to encourage creativity and enable individuals to make their own versions of this unique head-turning device.

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