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GTA 5 players unearth hidden mission after 10 years; Rockstar Games teases PC debut for classic game

by Kyle Meranda

A GTA 5 player has found a new side mission in the single-player mode, a discovery that has remained hidden for years. While GTA 5’s open world was initially considered Rockstar Games’ most immersive experience, it was later surpassed by Red Dead Redemption 2. With the anticipated release of GTA 6, which has a trailer available below, Red Dead Redemption 2 may soon see its position overtaken.

Los Santos offers a diverse playground, with activities ranging from city racing to exploring Blaine County’s open roads. In the northern areas, among the woodland and mountains, one player discovered a secret drug farm that can be raided for money. Although the game has been available for over a decade, many players, especially new or casual ones like jericho681 on X, find such discoveries exciting.

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GTA 5 Hidden Secrets

This farm is one of many hidden elements in the game. Other secrets include a nudist colony, underground mines, and various fan theories about Mt Chiliad. The hope is that GTA 6 will have just as many hidden features, promising extensive exploration.

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PC Release Imminent for Red Dead Redemption

In related news, an update to Rockstar Games’ PC launcher suggests that the original Red Dead Redemption may soon be available on PC. Dataminer Tez2 found a line of code indicating that the game, along with its zombie-themed expansion Undead Nightmare, could be making its debut on the platform.

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The addition to the launcher’s code suggests that the PC release of Red Dead Redemption is imminent. Last year, Rockstar re-released the game for the Nintendo Switch and PS4, with backward compatibility on Xbox Series consoles as the only previous way to play it on modern hardware. A PC release would allow players who enjoyed the sequel to experience the original game, completing the Red Dead saga and including the popular Undead Nightmare expansion.

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