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How to Install the iPadOS 17 Developer Beta on Your iPad for Free

by Kyle Meranda

Apple has made a surprising move by releasing the first beta version of iPadOS 17 to both developers and non-developers for free. This is a significant departure from previous years, where only paying subscribers to Apple’s Developer Program had access to the initial betas.

In the past, developers had to wait for the public beta to try out new operating systems like iPadOS. However, this year, anyone with an Apple ID can download and install the developer beta without any delays. This means that even if you are not a paying member of Apple’s Developer Program, you can still be one of the first to experience iPadOS 17.

Before you rush to download the beta, it’s worth noting that Apple does not recommend installing it on your main iPad as beta software often comes with bugs and issues. If you have a secondary device, it is best to use that for testing purposes.

To ensure you can revert back to iPadOS 16 if something goes wrong, it is crucial to make an archived backup of your device. Connect your iPad to your Mac using the supplied cable and open a Finder window. Click on your iOS device’s name in the sidebar and click on “Trust” if this is the first time connecting your device. In the General tab, select the option to back up all of the data on your iPad to your Mac. You can encrypt the backup for added security if desired. Once the backup is complete, you can restore it at any time using the Restore Backup option.

To download and install iPadOS 17 developer beta, open Safari on your iPad and visit developer.apple.com. Sign in to your Apple ID and accept the legal terms of the Apple Developer Agreement. Make sure your iPad is running iPadOS 16.4 or later and restart it if necessary. Then go to Settings, tap on General, and select Software Update. Tap on Beta Updates and choose iPadOS 17 Developer Beta from the list. Tap on Download and Install, and follow the instructions for installation.

iPadOS 17 brings several new features to iPads, including updates to widgets, interactive Home Screen widgets, customized Lock Screens, and support for Live Activities. The Health app is also now available on iPad and takes advantage of the device’s larger display. Other improvements can be seen in the Notes, Messages, FaceTime, and Safari apps.

Overall, the release of the iPadOS 17 developer beta to non-developers is an exciting move by Apple. It allows a larger audience to experience the latest features and improvements before the official public release in the fall. Just remember to proceed with caution and backup your device before installing the beta to avoid any potential issues.

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