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How to test for stick drift in Modern Warfare 3

by Norman Scott

Stick drift is a common problem that many gamers face when playing shooter titles. It can be frustrating and disrupt gameplay, making it difficult to accurately control characters or aim at targets. In the past, the only solution for stick drift was to buy a new controller. However, Sledgehammer Games, the developer of the popular game Modern Warfare 3, has introduced a new feature that allows players to test and correct stick drift within the game itself.

To access the stick drift setting in Modern Warfare 3, players need to go to the “controller” section in the settings menu. At the very bottom of the list, there will be a section titled “deadzone inputs,” which is where the stick drift settings can be found. On the right-hand part of the screen, players will see a diagram of both the left and right stick, as well as both triggers. Each of these can be tweaked depending on the player’s needs.

To test for stick drift, players can select the “test stick deadzone” option in the deadzone setting. This allows them to freely move their sticks and see the exact location on the map. Depending on which direction needs adjustment, players can then make changes to the minimum or maximum settings for that stick. Unfortunately, there is no map for the trigger buttons, but players can find those settings at the very bottom of the same pull-down menu. The diagram for both triggers can be altered based on how much pressure the player wants to provide.

It is important to note the default deadzone inputs before making any changes to the settings. Each slider has a predetermined number that corresponds to a controller without stick drift. If players want to revert their settings back to default, they can refer to the following values: left stick min: 10, left stick max: 99, right stick min: 10, right stick max: 99, L2 button deadzone: 13, R2 button deadzone: 13.

By providing this stick drift setting within the game, Sledgehammer Games has made it easier for players to address and correct the issue without having to purchase a new controller. This not only saves players money but also enhances their overall gaming experience by ensuring accurate and responsive control.

In conclusion, stick drift is a common problem that can ruin the gaming experience for shooter title fans. However, Sledgehammer Games has introduced a stick drift setting in Modern Warfare 3, which allows players to test and correct the issue within the game itself. By following the steps outlined in the article and utilizing the provided diagrams and settings, players can improve their control accuracy and enjoy a seamless gaming experience without the frustration of stick drift.

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