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HP Omen 16 (2023) review

by Gamerx Ramiro

The design language of gaming laptops has evolved over the years, moving away from bulky, space-age aesthetics to a more refined and stylish look. The HP Omen 16 (2023) is a prime example of this shift, offering a sleek and understated chassis that is all black with minimal branding.

Underneath its stylish exterior, the Omen 16 (2023) packs enough power to make it a solid mid-range gaming laptop. The configuration includes an AMD Ryzen 7 7840HS processor and an Nvidia GeForce RTX 4060 GPU, which provide a capable performance for gaming and other tasks. The laptop is also equipped with a 1TB SSD, 16GB of 5,600MHz DDR5 RAM, and a 16-inch 165Hz 1080p display, making it a competitive option for those in search of a gaming laptop around the $1,500 price range.

In terms of design, the Omen 16 (2023) finds a balance between being nondescript and understated. Unlike other gaming laptops with sharper corners and more daring looks, the Omen 16 (2023) features a clean and minimalist design with a triangular speaker grille above the keyboard and small Omen logos on the casing.

Connectivity is one of the standout features of the Omen 16 (2023). It offers an excellent port selection, including Ethernet, USB Type-A and Type-C ports, an HDMI 2.1 port, and a headphone/microphone combo jack. This level of connectivity is impressive for a gaming laptop in its price range and provides plenty of options for connecting peripherals.

The build quality of the Omen 16 (2023) is solid, with sturdy plastics used in its construction. However, the top casing can attract grease and fingerprints, so it’s important to handle it with care.

The keyboard of the Omen 16 (2023) features a conventional TKL layout, with proper spacing between keys for a comfortable typing experience. The keys offer reasonable tactility, although they may feel slightly soft compared to other gaming laptops. The trackpad provides ample space but can feel skittish and the buttons lack tactile feedback.

The display of the Omen 16 (2023) is a 16-inch 1080p screen with a 165Hz refresh rate, which delivers smooth motion and responsive gameplay. It also offers accurate colors and solid viewing angles, with support for 100% of the sRGB color space.

The performance of the Omen 16 (2023) is where it truly shines. The combination of the RTX 4060 GPU and the Ryzen 7 7840HS processor delivers good frame rates in a variety of games, making it a capable gaming machine. The laptop can get quite hot and noisy under load, so it’s best used on a desk rather than on your lap. The battery life is solid, with a runtime of 7 hours and 16 minutes for everyday tasks, but gaming on battery power is limited to just over two hours.

In conclusion, the HP Omen 16 (2023) is a solid mid-range gaming laptop that offers a refined aesthetic, excellent connectivity, and strong performance. While it may not be the most exciting option on the market, it delivers on its promises and provides a reliable gaming experience at a reasonable price point.

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