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I revisited the Pixel 7 Pro. Now I’m nervous about the Pixel 8 Pro

by Amelia Ramiro

In a recent article, Andy Boxall from Digital Trends writes about his experiences using the Google Pixel 7 Pro and discusses the importance of reliability for the upcoming Pixel 8 series. Boxall praises the Pixel 7 Pro for its reliable camera, stating that it consistently produces sharp, detailed, and balanced photos without the need for editing. He shares examples of taking photos at a cars and coffee event and during an evening walk, where the camera performed exceptionally well.

However, Boxall also mentions the negative side of the Pixel’s reliability, specifically a bug that causes the phone to get hot sporadically. He describes how the phone would get noticeably warmer after shooting videos, and although it doesn’t happen all the time, it still raises concerns about the device’s reliability. A quick online search reveals that other users have also experienced similar issues with the Pixel 7 Pro.

Looking ahead to the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, Boxall emphasizes the need for improved reliability. He highlights the variation in device reliability seen with the Pixel 7 series, despite Google’s resources and talent. Boxall suggests that Google should prioritize reliability in terms of both hardware and software, and ensure a consistent user experience across all devices. A lack of trust in a device’s reliability can significantly impact sales and reputation.

In conclusion, Boxall emphasizes the importance of reliability for the success of the upcoming Pixel 8 series. He hopes that Google will address the reliability issues seen in previous models and deliver a consistent and dependable device that users can recommend without hesitation.

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