Home Games If the phrase ‘open world survival shopkeeping game’ intrigues you, let Saleblazers take over your weekend

If the phrase ‘open world survival shopkeeping game’ intrigues you, let Saleblazers take over your weekend

by Gamerx Ramiro

Saleblazers: A Shopkeeper’s Tale of Survival and Betrayal

It’s not every day you stumble upon a game that combines shopkeeping, survival, and open-world adventure all in one. Saleblazers, developed by Airstrafe Interactive, takes players on a thrilling journey through an enigmatic island filled with danger, shopping enthusiasts, and an unexpected tale of betrayal.

The game begins in a rather unconventional manner. Instead of starting off with managing your store, you find yourself tossed into chaotic situations like evading lasers fired by hippo statues and surviving shootouts with malevolent thugs. It’s a far cry from what you would expect from a typical shopkeeping game. But fear not, this is just the beginning.

As you arrive on the mysterious island, you assume the role of Shop Pop. You soon encounter Pop Pop, the character who serves as your guide through the shop tutorial. It’s hard not to see the comedic potential in the names alone, giving the game a charming children’s book vibe.

Starting with only the bare essentials, you gather resources by smashing open crates and crafting tools. With a bamboo axe in hand, you venture deeper into the island, discovering a workbench, a research board, and store policies that can boost your profits. Once your store is ready to open, it’s time to start selling.

However, don’t expect a smooth start to your shopkeeping career. On your first day, you inadvertently sell a display rack instead of the bamboo cups it contained. Still, a sale is a sale, and you proceed to craft another. It’s all part of the learning process, right?

Night falls, and the game takes a dangerous turn. Goblins invade your store, prompting you to defend yourself with a pistol. In the chaos, you mistakenly shoot a masked passerby, only to discover he was not an enemy but a neutral character. The authorities intervene, fining you for your mistake. Nevertheless, you manage to acquire the mask and a slight tinge of guilt accompanies your newfound loot.

The following day proves more successful, as you sell more cups along with various odds-and-ends you stumble across in your travels. With each sale, you inch closer to transforming your humble shop into a proper establishment, complete with walls and floors.

Saleblazers offers more than just shopkeeping. The game allows players to engage in a range of activities, including crafting, farming, fishing, fighting, and even thievery. As you progress, you can recruit NPCs to assist you in your store. Additionally, the option to play cooperatively with friends and engage in PvP invasions adds another layer of excitement.

One of the standout features of Saleblazers is the ability to turn anything you find into a weapon. Whether it’s a store table or even your own apron, you have the freedom to wield unconventional items as instruments of battle. However, this feature occasionally leads to unintended consequences, such as accidentally smacking someone or throwing your apron at a well-intentioned supporter.

While still in its early access stage, Saleblazers has already garnered attention for its lo-fi charm and unique blend of gameplay elements. It offers a refreshing take on the shopkeeping genre, infusing it with survival mechanics, an engaging story, and moments of unexpected betrayal.

So, if you’re looking for a game that challenges the boundaries of traditional shopkeeping, where ziplining, shooting, and anime-level betrayal are all on the menu, then Saleblazers might just be the adventure you’ve been waiting for. Open your store, embrace the chaos, and let the business of survival begin.

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