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iPhone 15 boxes have security mechanism to prove authenticity

by Maine Bacos

Apple Introduces UV Light Labels to Authenticate iPhone 15 Boxes

Apple is known for its stringent security measures to protect its products and customers from scams and counterfeiters. With the release of the iPhone 15, Apple has taken another step to ensure the authenticity of its devices. The company has implemented a new security mechanism based on UV light to verify the legitimacy of the iPhone 15 boxes.

A video shared on Weibo and Twitter revealed that the iPhone 15 boxes contain labels and QR codes that can only be seen under UV light. These holograms serve as a proof of authenticity, allowing customers and even Apple to distinguish genuine sealed boxes from fake ones.

This seemingly small detail can play a vital role in preventing customers from unknowingly purchasing used or refurbished iPhones packaged as new. Counterfeiters often replicate Apple’s original boxes to make their refurbished devices appear brand new. By incorporating UV labels, Apple aims to provide an additional layer of security to its customers.

It is worth mentioning that Apple has not officially announced this security feature, most likely to deter scammers from replicating the holograms. As counterfeiters become aware of this new mechanism, they may attempt to counterfeit the labels as well.

However, if you are purchasing an iPhone from an individual or an unfamiliar store, there are several precautions you can take to ensure the device’s authenticity:

1. Pay close attention to the details on the box and compare them to genuine iPhone boxes.
2. Whenever possible, verify the serial number printed on the box on Apple’s official website or through their authorized channels.
3. Upon purchasing the device, open it in front of the seller and cross-check the data displayed in the Settings app, such as the serial number and IMEI, with the information printed on the box.

Apple’s decision to introduce UV light labels showcases the company’s commitment to protecting its customers from scams and counterfeits. While it may not eliminate fraudulent activities entirely, it greatly reduces the chances of individuals falling victim to such schemes.

In other news, pre-orders for the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro started on September 15. Both models will be available in stores from September 22. Apple also announced that the new iPhones will be launched in 20 additional countries in the coming week, expanding their availability to more customers globally.

If you’re interested in purchasing the iPhone 15, you can do so via Apple’s official website or reputable retailers like Amazon.

Apple’s continuous efforts to enhance security and protect consumers are commendable. By incorporating the UV light labels, the company has taken another step forward in safeguarding its customers’ interests and ensuring the authenticity of its products.

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