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iPhone 15 Models Finally Show Battery’s Cycle Count

by Norman Scott

Apple’s upcoming iPhone 15 will reportedly allow users to check their battery’s cycle count for the first time. This information was shared on X (formerly Twitter) and has sparked excitement among iPhone users.

Previously, checking an iPhone’s battery cycle count required the use of unofficial third-party apps or complicated methods, such as copying and pasting analytics into Notes and searching for specific keywords. However, according to a screenshot shared by @Tech_Reve on Twitter, iPhone 15 users can easily access battery cycle information by navigating through Settings, General, and About. A new “Battery” section is present at the bottom of the page, which displays the number of battery cycles, production date, and the date of its first use.

Battery health has been visible on iPhones for several years in the form of “Maximum Capacity.” However, having the ability to see the specific number of cycles is a valuable additional metric to determine the battery’s condition. A charge cycle is registered every time the battery is completely depleted. Apple’s website explains that completing a charge cycle means using 100% of the battery’s capacity, even if it’s not all from one charge. The capacity of lithium-ion batteries diminishes slightly with each complete charge cycle.

In addition to the battery cycle count feature, it was recently revealed that all iPhone 15 models come with a new battery health setting that limits the device from charging beyond 80% when enabled. This feature aims to prolong the battery’s lifespan by preventing it from being constantly charged to 100%. Apple claims that the iPhone 15 models have the same battery life as their predecessors, the iPhone 14, which is reassuring for potential buyers.

The iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro models are set to launch this Friday, creating anticipation among Apple enthusiasts. Apart from the battery-related improvements, the new iPhones are expected to bring various other features and enhancements that will enhance the overall user experience.

In other news, Apple recently released the iOS 17 software update, which is accompanied by a list of exciting new features for iPhone users. Additionally, major apps have also started incorporating new iOS 17 and watchOS 10 features, providing users with a more enhanced and seamless experience with their devices.

Overall, the addition of the battery cycle count feature on the iPhone 15 is a welcome improvement that will allow users to monitor the health of their device’s battery more effectively. It is yet another step forward in Apple’s commitment to providing transparency and maximizing the lifespan of their devices.

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