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iPhone 15 Pro Max-Galaxy S23 Ultra drop test battle leaves one thought: “Buy a case”

by Maine Bacos

Phone durability is always a concern for smartphone users, especially when it comes to high-end devices. Recently, a video showing the durability test of the iPhone 15 Pro Max went viral, leaving many users disappointed. However, drop tests conducted by PhoneBluff on both the iPhone 15 Pro Max and the Galaxy S23 Ultra provide a more realistic insight into the durability of these devices.

In the first drop test, the phones were dropped from a height of 1 meter onto a concrete block. The iPhone 15 Pro Max’s glass back panel shattered upon impact, while the Galaxy S23 Ultra also suffered some cracks in the lower left and upper right corners. Both phones had scuff marks around the camera lenses, but most of them disappeared after being cleaned with a rag.

Next, the corner drop test was conducted. The iPhone 15 Pro Max’s two bottom corners bounced off the concrete with minimal damage. On the other hand, the squared-off corners of the Galaxy S23 Ultra were more susceptible to chipping. However, the continuous pounding experienced by the iPhone 15 Pro Max during this test worsened the initial damage to its rear panel, resulting in a small piece of missing glass. Despite these damages, both phones remained functional.

The face-first dive into concrete, which was the next test, proved to be the breaking point for both phones’ screens. They ended up with shattered displays. However, it is worth noting that even with the cracked screens, both the iPhone 15 Pro Max and the Galaxy S23 Ultra still functioned perfectly, including the latter’s under-display fingerprint scanner and the former’s Face ID.

In the final test, both phones were dropped face-first from a height of 1.45 meters onto a steel block. The impact caused further damage to the iPhone’s rear glass, despite it not being the area of direct impact. Nevertheless, both phones remained fully functional despite the cosmetic damage.

Based on these tests, PhoneBluff gave the Galaxy S23 Ultra a slight edge over the iPhone 15 Pro Max in terms of durability. However, it is important to note that phone cases can significantly enhance the protection of expensive handsets. While some users may resist covering their phones’ natural beauty with a case, it is a small concession to make in order to keep the device running smoothly and looking good.

Many users believe that they handle their phones with care, but accidents and drops can happen unexpectedly. While it may be tempting to expose a phone’s sleek design without a case, the consequences of a cracked display and a dented frame can outweigh the aesthetic appeal. Ultimately, opting for a protective case is a wise decision to ensure the longevity and resilience of your expensive smartphone.

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