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iPhone 15 Pro Max with titanium loses to Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra in drop test

by Maine Bacos

Apple’s recent launch of the iPhone 15 Pro series has garnered significant attention in the tech world. The devices boast some notable upgrades, including a titanium build and a USB Type-C port. However, a recent drop test comparison conducted by popular YouTuber PhoneBuff has raised doubts about the real-life benefits of the iPhone’s titanium body.

In the drop test, PhoneBuff pitted the Galaxy S23 Ultra against the iPhone 15 Pro Max to test the durability of the latter’s titanium frame. To ensure fairness, robotic arms were used to conduct the test under controlled conditions. Surprisingly, despite its titanium build, the iPhone performed worse than the Galaxy S23 Ultra, which features an aluminum frame and Gorilla Glass Victus 2 protection.

In the first round of the test, a waist-level back-facing drop caused the iPhone’s glass back to shatter with extensive cracks. In comparison, the Galaxy S23 Ultra experienced smaller cracks on only two corners. Despite its titanium frame, the iPhone proved to be less robust than its competitor.

In the second round, both phones were dropped with one corner facing down. While the titanium frame of the iPhone remained largely undamaged, the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s aluminum frame became slightly deformed. However, the rear glass of the iPhone began to fall off. Fortunately, both devices remained fully functional after this round.

The third test involved dropping the smartphones with their screens facing down. Both screens cracked significantly, with the Galaxy S23 Ultra faring slightly worse due to its curved display. However, both phones continued to function properly, and the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s in-display fingerprint reader remained functional as well.

During the final round, both phones were dropped from a higher point. The Galaxy S23 Ultra sustained similar damage to the previous drop test, while the iPhone 15 Pro Max exhibited even more shattered glass on both the front and rear. After tallying the results from all four rounds, it was clear that the Galaxy S23 Ultra outperformed the iPhone despite its aluminum frame.

As rumors circulate about the Galaxy S24 Ultra featuring a titanium body, many are hopeful that it will bring improved strength over its predecessor. It is worth noting that titanium is generally stronger than aluminum for the same weight. However, Apple utilized titanium in the iPhone 15 Pro series to reduce weight, rather than enhance durability.

In contrast, the Galaxy S24 Ultra is expected to maintain the same weight as its predecessor. This suggests that the rumored titanium frame in the Galaxy S24 Ultra might potentially offer advantages over the Galaxy S23 Ultra in terms of strength and durability.

In conclusion, the drop test comparison conducted by PhoneBuff reveals that Apple’s implementation of a titanium frame in the iPhone 15 Pro series did not demonstrate significant real-world benefits in terms of durability. As the tech world awaits the arrival of the Galaxy S24 Ultra with its rumored titanium body, it remains to be seen whether Samsung can effectively harness the advantages of titanium to improve the device’s robustness.

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