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iPhone 15 Pro Owners Complain About Overheating Problems

by Kyle Meranda

The hotly anticipated iPhone 15 Pro may be living up to its name in ways that some users did not expect, as reports emerge of the device overheating during regular use. The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) has reported that the latest models from Apple have been reaching high temperatures, making them difficult to touch and potentially posing a risk to users.

According to reviews, tests conducted by the WSJ, and posts from buyers in China, the US, and Canada, the problem is most commonly encountered during charging and while using intensive apps. These high temperatures have raised concerns among users that Apple may need to address the issue through software updates, which could potentially impact the phones’ performance.

This is not the first time that Apple has faced overheating issues with its premium smartphones. Users of the iPhone 14 Pro also reported similar problems over the past year. However, with the iPhone 15 Pro being a pivotal device for the company’s growth strategy, any performance or safety concerns are potentially more significant.

One iPhone 15 Pro owner, Thomas Galvin from Cleveland, described his device as “super hot” and revealed that he is considering returning it. Despite being told by Apple customer support that the heat was a result of setting up the new phone, Galvin claimed that even after a few days, the device was still “way worse than the iPhone 13 Pro Max” in terms of heat production. Other users on social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit have also voiced similar complaints, with some mentioning that the phone becomes so warm that it becomes difficult to hold.

In a review by WSJ’s Joanna Stern, it was noted that the iPhone 15 Pro Max reached an alarming temperature of 106 degrees Fahrenheit while charging. Further testing revealed that the phone reached temperatures of up to 112 degrees when charging and simultaneously performing processor-intensive tasks, such as gaming.

Apple has long relied on its premium iPhones to generate substantial revenue, especially as overall smartphone demand has slumped globally. With the iPhone 15, particularly the Pro models, the company is hoping to regain momentum and return to growth. However, if the overheating issue persists, it could lead to widespread dissatisfaction among users and potentially hamper the success of Apple’s latest flagship device.

Given the severity of the problem, it is crucial for Apple to address the issue promptly and effectively. As smartphone users increasingly rely on their devices for a wide range of tasks, including gaming and other demanding applications, it is essential that they can do so without fear of their device becoming too hot to handle.

Hopefully, Apple will take these reports seriously and provide a swift solution to this problem through software updates or other means. With the reputation of the iPhone brand on the line, the company cannot afford to ignore the concerns of its users. By addressing the overheating issue and ensuring that future models are free from such problems, Apple can maintain its position as a leading smartphone manufacturer while satisfying its loyal customer base.

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