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iPhone 15 Wonderlust event, M3 Mac, 2024 iPad Pro

by Kyle Meranda

The iPhone 15 event is just around the corner, set for September 12, according to the latest reports from AppleInsider. This highly anticipated event is expected to unveil the next generation of iPhones, bringing new features and advancements to the popular smartphone lineup.

The iPhone 15 lineup is a certainty for the event, but there is still some speculation surrounding updates to the Apple Watch. While it’s less clear what to expect from the Apple Watch, there are rumors that the event could also feature the introduction of Apple Vision Pro, a new augmented reality (AR) device.

One thing that is certain is the continued evolution of Apple Silicon with the anticipated release of the M3 chip. It is expected that Apple will hold a separate event later in the fall to announce this new chipset. However, the specific Mac models that will be announced alongside the M3 chip remain unknown.

In addition to the iPhone and Mac updates, the iPad lineup is also due for some refreshing. Apple could start with the release of a 10.9-inch model in the fall, followed by potential updates to the iPad mini and the iPad Pro lineup in 2024. These updates are eagerly awaited by Apple fans and enthusiasts.

Moving beyond hardware, the AppleInsider Podcast also touched on other interesting topics. The discussion included insights into the beta versions of Apple’s software updates, including the highly anticipated macOS Sonoma, as well as leaked information about Google’s upcoming Pixel phone.

For those interested in sponsoring the show or reaching out to the podcast hosts, there are contact details provided in the article. Additionally, the AppleInsider Podcast offers ad-free episodes, access to a private Discord channel, and early release of the show through Patreon or Apple Podcasts subscriptions.

In conclusion, Apple fans have a lot to look forward to in the coming months. The iPhone 15 event promises exciting updates to the smartphone lineup, while the potential release of the M3 chip and new Mac models brings excitement for Mac enthusiasts. Furthermore, iPad fans can expect some updates to the lineup in the near future. With so much happening in the world of Apple, it’s an exciting time for technology enthusiasts.

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