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It’s time for Apple to retire the iPhone SE

by Kyle Meranda

Welcome to our weekly Apple Breakfast column, where we bring you all the Apple news you may have missed in a convenient bite-sized roundup. Whether you’re enjoying a cup of coffee or tea on a Monday morning or catching up during lunch or dinner, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive into the latest Apple rumors and updates.

Last week in the Apple rumorsphere, there was a lot of buzz about the upcoming iPhone SE 4. According to a report, the new SE model will feature a modified design based on the iPhone 14, including an OLED display and Face ID. It will also have a 48MP camera, a USB-C port, and the Action button from the iPhone 15 Pro. This would make for an impressive budget phone, but it’s important to note that the report could be mistaken, and Apple’s plans for the SE 4 might be different.

In 2020, the iPhone SE had a unique appeal as it offered a link to the past with its classic design and Home button. However, with the introduction of the third-generation SE model last year, which still featured a Home button but didn’t generate much interest, it seems that the nostalgia for that design may be waning. This leaves the SE line in a state of irrelevancy, as it becomes simply “the cheap iPhone” without any distinctive features.

Moreover, it’s hard to see how the rumored Frankenstein-like iPhone SE 4 with bits and pieces from different iPhone models could be sold at a significantly lower price than the iPhone 13. If Apple continues to sell older iPhone models, it creates a confusing product lineup. The same conundrum was seen with the 10th-gen iPad, which had some questionable features and a higher price tag than the previous model, creating a second “budget” tier that wasn’t necessary.

While we can’t predict Apple’s decision-making process, it’s difficult to understand the logic behind blending together multiple generations of iPhone technology into one SE model. It would also be redundant to sell an SE based on the iPhone 14 alongside the actual iPhone 14. However, there is one discontinued iPhone model that some users still miss – the iPhone mini. While it may not sell in large numbers, it could bring a unique offering to the market.

Moving on to other Apple news, the iPhone cases introduced by Apple recently haven’t been well-received. Users looking to protect their devices may need to settle for subpar cases or choose other alternatives. Additionally, the iPhone 15 Pro is reportedly easier to repair, but only Apple is authorized to fix it, limiting user choices.

In terms of software updates and bug fixes, Safari 17 brings new features, and there may be a solution on the way for the overheating issues reportedly faced by the iPhone 15 Pro. Apple also offers potential fixes for complications with the watchOS 10 Weather app, and macOS Sonoma 14.1 beta addresses Remote Widgets.

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