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Jony Ive invests in blender company

by Norman Scott

Jony Ive, the renowned designer who played a major role in shaping Apple’s iconic products, is leading an interesting life after leaving the tech giant. In his post-Apple journey, Ive has invested an undisclosed amount in Cruz, a company that has developed a USB-C-powered bottle cap with built-in blades, turning drink bottles into portable blenders.

Cruz introduced its product, the BlenderCap, earlier this year at CES. Priced at $129, the BlenderCap comes with a 32-ounce vacuum insulated bottle but is also compatible with other wide-mouth bottles from brands like HydroFlask. The cap is designed to blend frozen fruit and boasts a long battery life, capable of making six full drinks per charge.

What makes this investment intriguing is that Cruz was founded by former Apple engineers Matthew Moore and Dakota Adams. These engineers were part of the team responsible for building the original Apple Watch and some components of the iPhone. Moore mentioned in an interview with Bloomberg that they are aiming to create products in the spirit of Apple.

Sean Hollister, a colleague of Ive, had the opportunity to test out the BlenderCap. He found it to be powerful enough to blend frozen fruit, albeit with a little patience. Furthermore, the key strength of Cruz lies in its battery technology, which allows them to pack more power into smaller form factors.

With Ive’s investment, Cruz plans to not only expand its inventory of BlenderCaps but also bring a series of new products to market in the coming year. Moore remained secretive about the specifics but mentioned that they are focusing on building a technology ecosystem in the drink-ware space, using wide-mouth bottles as their platform. Additionally, Cruz is exploring various other consumer appliances and finds the “kitchen space” particularly interesting. Moore also highlighted the potential applications of their proprietary battery technology, which can provide portable power in small enclosures.

Ive spoke highly of the founders of Cruz, describing them as “deeply caring, gentle, and tenacious” when working through difficult problems. Apart from Ive, former Apple VP Nick Forlenza and former eBay CEO Devin Wenig have also invested in Cruz.

It’s fascinating to see Ive branching out into different areas and supporting innovative startups like Cruz. His investment not only showcases his ongoing passion for design but also highlights the continuing influence and impact he has in the industry. As the world eagerly anticipates the new products Cruz will bring to market, it’s evident that Ive’s post-Apple journey is shaping up to be just as captivating as the work he did during his time at the tech giant.

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