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Lamplighters League is light stealth, heavy pulp style, and XCOM gun battles

by Norman Scott

Lamplighters League: A Promising Turn-Based Strategy Game

Lamplighters League is a modern XCOM-style turn-based strategy game developed by Harebrained Schemes and published by Paradox Interactive. The game features a Weird War-ish, Indiana Jones-like feel, with a light stealth element. As a fan of tactical games, Lamplighters League offers a refreshing and engaging experience that is definitely worth a try.

In Lamplighters League, the setting is an alternate 1930s where supervillains are causing chaos by raising the dead, summoning Lovecraftian horrors, and using undead power for industrial schemes. The surviving member of the Lamplighters League, a group of extraordinary individuals, seeks the help of a unlikely band of thieves, scoundrels, and assassins to stop these villains. The game’s world is original, yet heavily referential, creating a unique and intriguing atmosphere.

One of the highlights of Lamplighters League is its home base, a tropical island compound where players can manage their skills, gear, cards, injuries, and more. The base serves as a hub for upgrades, research, and allocation of resources. While this management aspect may not be new to fans of XCOM or tactical games, Lamplighters League executes it well by providing a sense of progression while keeping the challenge intact.

The gameplay revolves around completing missions assigned to a team of characters. Players must choose which missions to undertake, taking into consideration the long-term gains, immediate rewards, and the progress of the villains. The choices are never easy, as each decision will have consequences. Lamplighters League excels at keeping players on their toes and constantly facing challenges.

One of the strengths of Lamplighters League lies in its characters. Each character has a unique set of skills and abilities that can be further customized through a skill tree. Players can tailor their characters to different playstyles, whether it’s a run-and-gun shotgun enforcer, a damage sponge, or a hand-to-hand knockdown specialist. Additionally, the Undrawn Hand mechanic adds an interesting twist by granting random powers or limitations to each character, enhancing replayability and offering more strategic options.

Visually, Lamplighters League delivers a captivating experience with its detailed environments and character designs. The voice acting is also commendable, bringing life to the diverse cast of characters and adding charm to the game’s dialogue.

While Lamplighters League has some minor technical and tactical flaws, it doesn’t overshadow the overall enjoyment and excitement of playing the game. With its immersive setting, engaging gameplay, and well-crafted characters, Lamplighters League is a game that strategy enthusiasts should definitely have on their radar. Whether you’re a fan of XCOM or simply enjoy turn-based tactics games, Lamplighters League offers a fresh and enjoyable experience that is worth trying out.

So, if you’re looking for a meaty tactics game with a unique world and captivating gameplay, Lamplighters League is a game that shouldn’t be missed. Whether you find it on Game Pass or at a reasonable price, this game is definitely worth the investment. Step into the alternate 1930s and join the Lamplighters League in their battle against supervillains, and see if you have what it takes to save the world.

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