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Leaked Pixel 8 Pro deal shows Google will throw in a Pixel Watch 2 for free

by Maine Bacos

Google is apparently offering a promotion where customers who pre-order a Pixel 8 Pro will receive a free Pixel Watch 2. This news was revealed by a promotional image posted by Kamila Wojciechowska on social media. Wojciechowska has previously leaked other information about the Pixel Watch 2, including a promotional video published by 91mobiles that confirmed previously rumored details.

The potential offer of a free Pixel Watch 2 with the pre-order of a Pixel 8 Pro might help soften the blow of a rumored price hike for the new phone. According to reports, the Pixel 8 Pro could have a starting price of $999. In comparison, the original Pixel Watch starts at $349.99 for the non-cellular version. If these rumors are accurate, the free Pixel Watch 2 promotion effectively makes the Pixel 8 Pro a $650 phone.

However, there is also speculation that the Pixel 8 Pro could retain the $899 price of its predecessor, the 7 Pro, at least for business customers. Wojciechowska shared a screenshot over the weekend suggesting this possibility.

The leaked promotional video shared by 91mobiles provides more details about the Pixel Watch 2. The video confirms that the watch will have a 24-hour battery life, the same as the first-gen Google wearable. It will also have features like stress and skin temperature detection. The watch is said to include a continuous electrodermal activity sensor, similar to the one found in the Fitbit Sense 2.

According to the leaked information, the Pixel Watch 2 will also have automatic workout detection for seven different types of workouts, including running and outdoor cycling. This is an improvement over the original Pixel Watch, which lacked this feature.

With the Made by Google launch event scheduled for October 4th, there is not much left to the imagination regarding these devices. Google is expected to officially unveil the Pixel 8 Pro and Pixel Watch 2 at the event, providing users with more information about the specifications, features, and availability of these devices.

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