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Leave Your Company — The Information

by Joey De Leon

Title: The Danger of AI: Concentration of Power in the Hands of Tech Giants


The field of artificial intelligence (AI) has been rapidly evolving and transforming various industries. This technology has the potential to bring unprecedented advancements to society, but it also raises concerns about the concentration of power in the hands of tech giants. As smaller players struggle to compete, the ethical implications and unintended societal impacts of AI have become subjects of growing concern.

A Resignation that Signifies a Paradigm Shift

Jacopo Pantaleoni, a former principal engineer and research scientist at Nvidia, recently resigned from the company, relinquishing a substantial amount of unvested stock units. Having witnessed Nvidia’s growth from a small research project to a global force behind the generative AI movement, Pantaleoni’s decision was driven by a sudden realization.

The Big Players in the AI Market

Pantaleoni highlights the dominating role played by major tech companies such as Google, Amazon, and Meta. These behemoths possess vast troves of data and capital, enabling them to develop AI solutions at an unprecedented scale. However, this concentration of power concerns Pantaleoni as it leads to a lopsided and potentially unsustainable development of AI technology.

The Real Danger of AI

Contrary to sensationalized narratives about AI leading to a future of human-killing super-intelligence, Pantaleoni argues that the real danger lies in the disproportionate control tech giants exert over AI development. The immense power wielded by these companies raises concerns about the potential misuse, unregulated deployment, and unaddressed biases in AI algorithms. Such concentration of power can create societal inequality and hinder innovation outside the purview of the few dominant players.

Pantaleoni’s Research and Advocacy

Motivated by his concerns, Pantaleoni has devoted his career to studying the unintended societal impacts of AI. He is publishing a book that delves into this subject, shedding light on the risks associated with the unchecked power of tech giants. By focusing on the concentration of power, he seeks to redirect the public discourse toward more realistic concerns.

In addition to raising awareness through his book, Pantaleoni is engaging with regulators to advocate for limitations on the power of tech giants. He believes that by ensuring fair competition and supporting underfunded research groups and startups, society can foster a more diverse and accountable AI landscape.


As AI continues to grow and shape our world, it is crucial to acknowledge and address the concentration of power within the tech industry. Jacopo Pantaleoni’s resignation from Nvidia serves as a powerful reminder that the future of AI should not be solely determined by a select few, but instead guided by ethical considerations, inclusivity, and a multitude of perspectives. By working toward a more balanced distribution of power, we can navigate the path towards AI developments that benefit society as a whole, rather than a privileged few.

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