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Mac more secure, cost competitive to PC in enterprise settings

by Kyle Meranda

The Use of Mac in Enterprise Environments: A Comparative Study by Cisco

A recent study conducted by Cisco has delved into the comparison between Mac and PC usage in enterprise environments. The study focused on four key aspects: security, cost, preference, and productivity. Surprisingly, the results favored Mac, positioning it as a reliable choice for businesses.

The study, based on an analysis of internal company data encompassing over 130,000 employees across 99 countries, provides valuable insights into the potential advantages of utilizing Mac within enterprise settings.

One of the most significant differences highlighted by the study is in the realm of cybersecurity. Data from Cisco Secure Endpoint detection revealed that Mac users tend to have lower rates of viruses and other cyber threats compared to PC users. Moreover, Mac users are more inclined to utilize biometric security measures, with approximately 89% implementing this technology, in contrast to only 29% of PC users.

Another area where Mac outshines PC is in terms of upgrade efficiency. The study found that the upgrade process for macOS Ventura is generally faster than that of Windows 11. This makes Macs a more appealing choice for individuals who prioritize staying up-to-date with the latest technology.

The study also challenges the widely held belief that Macs are inherently more expensive than PCs. According to Cisco’s data, Macs were found to be cost-competitive with PCs over a three-year period, depending on the specific hardware models compared. In fact, the study revealed that Macs could be between $148 and $395 less expensive over the same duration.

The employee choice and satisfaction aspect was another significant finding of the study. It uncovered that 60% of Cisco’s workforce currently use Mac devices. Remarkably, when given the choice during device refresh cycles, 24% of PC users opted to switch to Mac. This growing preference for Apple products signifies a shift towards offering employees more platform options.

Moreover, the study suggested potential productivity benefits associated with Mac use. It indicated a reduced need for IT administrators to support staff using Macs and reported higher satisfaction levels among Mac and iPhone users regarding IT support.

In order to assess the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), Cisco developed a built-in TCO Calculator, which analyzes key cost components of the program. This calculator is now available to all.

Overall, Cisco’s study sheds light on the advantages of Mac usage in enterprise environments. It highlights the strong cybersecurity track record of Mac, the overall cost competitiveness, the growing employee preference, and potential productivity gains. With these findings, more organizations may consider incorporating Mac into their technology infrastructure, capitalizing on the benefits it has to offer.

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