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[Master Duel] All the September Stuff

by Norman Scott

The “the author was on vacation” edition brings exciting updates and additions to the popular mobile game, Master Duel. One of the notable updates is the introduction of the new Duel Pass, which will last for the next 75 days. By leveling up the Normal Duel Pass to Level 50, players can obtain various rewards such as Gems, UR points, SR points, R points, N points, and an Ancient Fairy Dragon Icon.

For those who purchase the Duel Pass (Gold), additional rewards include 100 UR points, 100 SR points, 80 R points, 80 N points, and 700 Gems, which recover the cost of the Duel Pass. At Level 25, players can obtain a Pink Icon Frame, while at Level 50, an Odd-Eyes Arc Pendulum Dragon Monster Art can be obtained. Finally, at Level 75, players can obtain a Cross-Sheep Mate.

In addition to the Duel Pass, several new accessories have been introduced. These include the Protector: Ohime the Manifested Mikanko, Deluxe Protectors: Chaos Xyz Evolution – Galatic Gathering of Dragons, Icon: Purrely, Card Case: Card Case – LIGHT, Icon Frame: Icon Frame – LIGHT, Mate’s Base: Polymerization, Deluxe Icon Frame: Polymerization, and Mate: Ninja Grandmaster Hanzo. These accessories offer players various ways to customize their gameplay experience.

Furthermore, a new Secret Pack called “The Noble Knights of Crimson Flowers” has been unlocked until October 10th. This pack features unique and powerful cards, including UR, SR, R, and N cards, allowing players to enhance their decks with new strategies and tactics.

Another exciting addition is the new Selection Pack: Galactic Evolution. This pack introduces various cards that revolve around the theme of the galaxy, including the powerful “Number C62: Neo Galaxy-Eyes Prime Photon Dragon.” Players can also obtain the versatile “Purrely” card and the Beast-Warrior-Type ace card “Orphebull the Harmonious Bullfighter Bard.”

To celebrate the game reaching 5 billion card pack openings, a new campaign has been launched. By logging in until October 10th, players can receive a “Galactic Evolution” Pack Ticket, guaranteeing them a SR or higher card.

Another Secret Pack, “Beetle Troops Roll Out,” has also been introduced. This pack includes powerful “Beetroopers” and veteran Insect-Type “Inzektor” cards. Similarly, players can enjoy one free pull from this pack until October 10th.

Furthermore, a new Structure Deck titled “Hidden Arts of Shadows” has been released. This deck focuses on utilizing “Ninja” monsters and “Ninjitsu Art” cards to gain an advantage in battles. It includes powerful cards like Mitsu the Insect Ninja, Tobari the Sky Ninja, and the Ninjitsu Art cards.

In addition to these updates, several Legacy Pack cards have been stealth-added, including Number 2: Ninja Shadow Mosquito, Dream Cicada, Ninjitsu Art of Mosquito Marching, Sari of the Silverwing Axe, and Oily Cicada.

Lastly, there is a new event, the Monster Type Festival: King of the Island. Players can participate by choosing to battle with one Type or form an alliance with two Types. By collecting medals, players can unlock various rewards, including Gems, Legacy Pack tickets, and special mate cards like Kagetokage and the King of the Island 2023 Title.

Overall, the new updates and additions to Master Duel offer players exciting opportunities to enhance their decks, customize their gameplay experience, and participate in engaging events.

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