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Meta created a Snoop Dogg AI for your text RPGs

by Amelia Ramiro

Meta Connect, the metaverse company at the forefront of AI technology, has made another significant announcement. In addition to its recent unveiling of the Quest 3, Meta has revealed that its generative AI will soon be integrated into its social media apps. This development promises to bring both fun and usefulness to the user experience.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Meta’s AI for social media is the creation of custom avatars using artificial intelligence. During the announcement, CEO Mark Zuckerberg showcased one of these avatars, which bore a striking resemblance to Snoop Dogg decked out in Dungeons and Dragons attire. The avatar, aptly named Dungeon Master, engages with users by spinning captivating stories in response to their chats.

The showcased interaction between Zuckerberg and the Dungeon Master avatar was nothing short of impressive. The Dungeon Master initiated the conversation with the phrase, “Let’s get medieval, player,” and proceeded to lead the way through a fantasy scenario. The AI’s text responses displayed a level of creativity reminiscent of previous AI models like ChatGPT. However, what sets this AI apart is its integration into popular Meta apps such as Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Meta Connect has also announced a range of other AI-driven avatars based on celebrities like NFL star Tom Brady, media personality Paris Hilton, and YouTuber Mr. Beast. Each avatar specializes in a specific area of expertise and can assist users in various conversations, whether it’s about sports, recipes, crafting, and more. Furthermore, Meta plans to launch AI Studio, a platform that allows users to create their own customized AI with unique avatars and knowledge.

One notable feature of Meta’s AI is its real-time access to information through Microsoft Bing, ensuring that users receive up-to-date and relevant information about current events. The integration of AI into virtual reality experiences is also on the horizon, with AI-powered avatars set to interact with users wearing the latest Quest 3, Quest 2, and Quest Pro VR headsets in Horizon Worlds.

In addition to social media platforms, the new Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses will also incorporate Meta AI, providing users with the ability to chat and seek assistance directly through the glasses. Furthermore, the glasses will feature visual search capabilities, enabling users to receive information about their surroundings or objects within their line of vision.

As Meta expands its AI offerings, the company’s generative image AI, known as Emu (expressive media universe), will also be integrated into social media apps in the coming months. Users will be able to summon Emu by calling on Meta AI within any chat on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, or WhatsApp. By typing “@Meta AI /image” followed by a prompt, users can expect Emu to generate an impressive rendering of the requested image within seconds.

Meta’s demonstration of Emu’s image generation capabilities was particularly notable due to its remarkable speed. Zuckerberg stated that most images take just five seconds to generate, a significant improvement compared to other AI generators that typically take much longer.

With Meta’s ongoing advancements in AI technology, it is evident that the company is committed to providing users with highly immersive and engaging experiences across various platforms. Whether it’s through their social media apps, virtual reality, or smart glasses, Meta’s integration of AI is set to revolutionize the way we interact, create, and share content in the metaverse.

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