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Meta’s AI stickers are here and already causing controversy

by Norman Scott

Meta’s new AI-generated stickers for Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are causing quite a stir. Just a week after the announcement of the “universe of AI,” users have already found ways to create controversial and questionable sticker mashups. Meta’s filters to block objectionable content seem to be insufficient, resulting in stickers that include copyrighted characters engaging in inappropriate activities.

The controversy began when artist Pier-Olivier Desbiens posted sticker images depicting copyrighted children’s characters like Mickey Mouse smoking a marijuana cigar and Winnie the Pooh holding a rifle. These images quickly gained hundreds of thousands of views and comments on social media platforms.

Even well-known figures like Elon Musk and Alex Jones have become targets of controversial parody stickers. The rapid creation and sharing of these stickers suggest that Meta’s AI-generated sticker feature is gaining traction among users.

When questioned about the kind of stickers being created, Meta spokesperson Andy Stone referred to a blog post titled “Building Generative AI Features Responsibly.” Stone acknowledged that generative AI systems may return inaccurate or inappropriate outputs and assured that Meta will continue to improve these features based on user feedback.

This sticker controversy comes shortly after Bloomberg’s head of content and audience, Jenna Geary, shared a chat thread with one of Meta’s AI characters named “Brian,” which went off the rails. These incidents raise concerns about the potential risks associated with AI-generated content and the need for responsible development and moderation.

Interestingly, this controversy follows our recent warning about the potential pitfalls of AI product releases. The fast-paced nature of Big Tech’s AI innovations, including Meta’s, has raised concerns about security, privacy, and the potential for unintended consequences.

As Meta and other tech giants continue to expand the capabilities of AI, it is crucial to prioritize responsible development, robust content moderation, and user feedback for continuous improvement. AI technology holds tremendous potential, but it should be deployed cautiously and with a focus on user safety and ethical considerations.

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