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Microsoft Paint is finally adding some of Photoshop’s best features

by Norman Scott

Microsoft Paint has been a staple of Windows operating systems for decades. While it has always been a simple and basic image editing tool, it never quite competed with industry standards like Adobe Photoshop. However, Microsoft is now taking steps to bridge that gap by introducing one of Photoshop’s core features to Paint: layers.

In a recent update rolling out for testing by Windows Insiders, Microsoft Paint is introducing support for layers and transparency. These features have long been essential for general editing in Photoshop and are crucial for proper image manipulation and digital art. The fact that they’re now available for free in Paint is a significant development.

With the new version of Paint, users can now create more advanced art by utilizing the core functions necessary for working with layers. This includes adding new layers, moving them around, reordering them, merging, duplicating, and more. These functions enable users to stack image elements and create complex compositions.

Another key addition to Paint is support for image transparency. Users can now open and save transparent PNG files, which allows for more flexibility when working with images. This update complements another recent Paint addition, the background removal tool, which further enhances the app’s capabilities.

While these features may seem basic to those who have been using powerful tools like Photoshop for years, it is a significant win for Windows users who want easy image manipulation without the expensive subscriptions associated with professional-grade software. As Adobe increases its prices and other services like Canva put similar tools behind paywalls, having a free and accessible option like Paint becomes increasingly valuable.

The ability to use Paint for basic image editing tasks, such as creating family photo collages, can save users from the hassle of starting a free trial of Photoshop or subscribing to expensive software. As Microsoft continues to improve Paint and add more features, it may become a viable alternative for casual users and those on a budget.

If you’re interested in trying out the new Paint tools, you can sign up for the Windows Insider Canary or Dev Channels and wait for the update to become available. However, it’s worth noting that the update may not be immediately accessible to everyone.

In conclusion, Microsoft is making strides to position Paint as a useful tool for creators by implementing essential features like layers and transparency. By offering these features for free on Windows, Microsoft is providing an accessible option for image manipulation and digital art, particularly for casual users and those who don’t require the full capabilities of professional software. With further improvements and additions, Paint may continue to evolve as a valuable tool in the Windows ecosystem.

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