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Microsoft wants AI to help you do everything in Windows 11

by Amelia Ramiro

Microsoft has recently unveiled the latest version of its operating system, Windows 11, featuring updates and improvements across various aspects. One of the significant updates is to Microsoft’s Copilot AI tool, which now offers more features to assist users in apps like Word, Excel, and within Windows 11 itself. Copilot can summarize meetings, write emails, assist with analysis, and more.

According to Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft’s Copilot will have an enhanced understanding of user intent across all of Microsoft’s apps, such as Excel, Word, Teams, and more. Additionally, Copilot will be available on the Windows 11 desktop, expanding its accessibility. One of the key updates to Copilot is its improved context understanding, allowing it to gather information from different apps, the web, and devices to deliver more accurate responses.

Furthermore, AI will be integrated into other aspects of Windows. For instance, the Snipping Tool will now support Copilot, enabling users to give voice commands to Copilot for tasks like blurring backgrounds. Copilot will also enable cross-device functionality, allowing users to fetch information on one device and send it to another. For example, users can ask Copilot to find information for an upcoming flight on their desktop PC and have it sent to their mobile device.

Apart from AI, Microsoft has also introduced updates to various apps, including Paint, which now supports layers, and the Photos app, which can blur backgrounds in images. Inking support has been enhanced with Windows Ink Anywhere, allowing users to convert their handwritten notes into text that works in any text field, including mathematical problems.

During the event, Microsoft also highlighted how Copilot will be integrated into Microsoft 365, particularly with a new feature called Microsoft 365 Chat. This feature provides users with summaries and recommendations at the beginning of their day by analyzing their meetings, messages, and emails to extract the most relevant information in digestible form. It can also generate output like blog posts and slideshows using attached files.

For users looking to explore more experimental features of Microsoft’s AI tools, there is Copilot Lab, a space to experiment and learn the “art and science of prompting.” Copilot can even assist in creating event banners in Word by generating images and artwork based on a few prompts. Additionally, the Microsoft Designer app allows users to remove image backgrounds or add new objects to pictures using AI.

The unveil event took place in New York City, where Microsoft also introduced new Surface laptops and software features. Notably, Panos Panay, Microsoft’s well-known hardware chief, did not appear on stage for the event due to his recent departure from the company. Some speculate that his departure just days before the launch of products indicates a degree of acrimony.

In conclusion, Microsoft’s unveiling of Windows 11 showcases updates and improvements across the operating system, with AI playing a central role. Copilot, the AI tool, has received significant upgrades, allowing for a better understanding of user intent, cross-device functionality, and integration with Microsoft apps. The event also introduced updates to various Microsoft apps and highlighted the integration of AI into Microsoft 365. Moreover, Microsoft provides opportunities for users to explore experimental AI features through Copilot Lab.

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