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Microsoft won’t say if its products were exploited by spyware zero-days

by Norman Scott
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The article discusses the release of patches by Microsoft to address zero-day vulnerabilities in two open-source libraries. These vulnerabilities were exploited to target individuals with spyware. The two libraries, webp and libvpx, are widely used in various Microsoft products, including Skype, Teams, and Edge browser.

The article highlights the seriousness of these vulnerabilities and the rush by tech companies, phone makers, and app developers to update their products with the fixed libraries. It also mentions that Microsoft has rolled out fixes for these vulnerabilities but does not provide any information on whether their products were actually exploited or if they have the means to know.

The article further mentions that these vulnerabilities were also exploited in products from other companies like Apple and Google. Both companies have released patches to address the vulnerabilities and have acknowledged that the bugs may have been exploited by unknown hackers.

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