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Microsoft’s former Surface chief Panos Panay is reportedly heading to Amazon

by Norman Scott

Surface devices have long been a successful line of products for Microsoft, and much of their success can be attributed to the efforts of one man: Panos Panay. Panay has played a crucial role in the creation of Surface devices, but now he is set to leave Microsoft and join Amazon.

Panay’s departure from Microsoft was confirmed when it was announced that he would no longer be presenting at the company’s event on Thursday. However, he will remain at Microsoft for a couple more weeks as part of a transition process before officially joining Amazon.

At Amazon, Panay will be taking over from Dave Limp, the outgoing hardware boss. Limp, who has been with Amazon for 13 years, announced in August that he plans to leave the company in the next few months. This leaves big shoes to fill, but Panay has proven himself to be a capable and innovative leader in the tech industry.

Amazon is hosting its own devices and services event on Wednesday, where Limp is expected to appear. It is unclear what Panay’s job title will be at Amazon, and both companies declined to comment on the matter. However, Bloomberg reports that Panay will be in charge of Amazon’s division for its Alexa and Echo speakers.

This appointment makes sense given Panay’s experience in hardware and his successful track record with Surface devices. He will bring his expertise to Amazon’s expanding lineup of hardware products, including robots and home surveillance drones.

In recent years, Amazon has been making significant efforts to expand its hardware offerings. They have introduced robots and home surveillance drones to their lineup, and they are even in the process of acquiring Roomba robot vacuum maker iRobot for a massive $1.7 billion. If regulators approve the deal, Amazon will have an impressive array of hardware products, including Alexa devices, Ring doorbells, and other smart home products.

Panay’s move to Amazon signifies the company’s commitment to further expanding its hardware presence and competing in the tech industry. With his leadership and expertise, Amazon is well-positioned to continue pushing boundaries and introducing innovative hardware products to the market.

As Panay prepares for his transition from Microsoft to Amazon, tech enthusiasts and industry insiders eagerly await his contributions to Amazon’s hardware division. Only time will tell what exciting developments and innovations he will bring to the table, but one thing is certain: Panay’s appointment at Amazon is a significant gain for the tech giant.

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