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Minecraft players really want duck mobs to finally join the game

by Gamerx Ramiro

Minecraft Mob Vote 2023: Ducks Might Finally Make an Appearance

Mojang has recently announced that the Minecraft Mob Vote 2023 is just around the corner. This news has sparked excitement among fans, as it is being teased that duck mobs might finally be introduced into the game. The possibility of quacks dominating the overworld has generated a lot of anticipation among players.

The Mob Vote is scheduled to start on Friday, October 13th. Prior to that, in the first week of October, Mojang will introduce the mobs as part of an elimination process. Last year, the Mob Vote 2022 introduced the Sniffer mob to the game.

Ducks have been heavily requested by Minecraft players for years, but they have never been added to the vanilla game. In Minecraft Dungeons, ducks are included as pet mobs, but their design is similar to spray-painted chickens. This similarity might be the reason why ducks haven’t made it to the base game yet, or perhaps it’s the other way around – maybe chickens in Minecraft actually resemble ducks. It’s an ongoing debate among players.

The most recent Minecraft monthly update has heavily hinted at something duck-related coming to the game. A duck named Minecraft Legends has dominated the show, and the quack sound effect has been used so frequently that players are starting to hear it even when they close their eyes.

Earlier this year, a user shared the idea of adding ducks to Minecraft through the feedback channel. They suggested that ducks could be a passive mob that players can tame and that they would have the ability to help with fishing. The idea included multiple species of ducks, such as mallards and pekins, with baby ducks being small and yellow. If a duck were to die, it would drop feathers and duck meat. Adding ducks to Minecraft would not only be beneficial for players building nature or parks in their worlds but would also create a welcoming environment for new players.

While waiting for the 2023 Mob Vote, players can explore the best Minecraft seeds, try out different Minecraft skins, and enhance their gameplay experience with various Minecraft mods. There is no doubt that the addition of ducks would bring a new level of excitement and diversity to the game, and players are eagerly awaiting the Mob Vote to see if these quacking creatures will finally become a part of the Minecraft community.

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