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Modern Warfare 3 beta already plagued by cheaters despite PlayStation exclusivity

by Norman Scott

Just a few hours into the Modern Warfare 3 PS4 open beta, players have already encountered a significant issue – cheaters. The beta, exclusive to PlayStation players, offers a glimpse into what’s next in the iconic Call of Duty franchise. While many exciting features are showcased, such as the intense Battle Rage mode and beloved maps making a return, cheaters have managed to spoil the experience for many.

The beta for MW3 began on October 6 for players who preordered the game and opened up to non-preorder players on October 8. It’s surprising that hackers have already become a problem, especially since the beta is limited to PlayStation players. However, shortly after the floodgates opened for non-preorder players, clips surfaced online showing cheaters ruining the game for others. It appears that PS4 players with jailbroken consoles are the main culprits.

Players quickly expressed their frustration with this blatant cheating. Top comments highlighted the reputation that PC players often get for cheating in Call of Duty games. One Twitter user responded to the cheaters, stating, “And cod players blamed PC crossplay for cheats. PS was the issue all along.”

In defense of PlayStation players, another user commented that cheating has been primarily associated with PC players in Warzone and ranked play. However, it seems that PS4 players are now also guilty of cheating.

Cheating has been an ongoing issue in the Call of Duty series, and Activision introduced its own anti-cheat system called Ricochet last year. However, this recent influx of cheaters demonstrates that the system isn’t entirely foolproof. Hackers have been a persistent problem for the game’s developers over the past few years and continue to find ways to exploit the game, even if it means modifying a console to do so.

As of now, it remains to be seen what steps Activision will take to address this cheating problem in the Modern Warfare 3 open beta. Players are eagerly awaiting a resolution to ensure a fair and enjoyable gaming experience for everyone.

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