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Monster Hunter Now players want Niantic to copy key Pokemon Go feature

by Norman Scott

Monster Hunter Now players have been eagerly exploring the game’s real-world environment to farm materials and build their best weapons and armor sets. However, many players have expressed their desire for Niantic to add a key feature from Pokemon Go to enhance their gameplay experience.

The Monster Hunter Now community has been discussing the difference between rural and suburban gameplay experiences. Players in smaller towns and villages have noted the limited resources and monster spawns in their areas. Comparing it to Pokemon Go, which offers a larger number of Pokestops and gyms in parks and public spaces, some players feel that Monster Hunter Now falls short in providing enough gathering points.

“Why didn’t [Niantic] just copy-paste the nodes from Pokemon Go? The park by my house has like 40 Pokestops, in Monster Hunter it’s down to like 8, so lame,” complained one player on Reddit. Another frustrated player added, “My area has like 30 Pokestops and several gyms, and my entire town only has ONE large gathering node.”

While players have voiced their disappointment, some commenters have speculated on the reasons behind the discrepancy in gathering points. One theory suggests that the Monster Hunter Now map is an older version of the Pokemon Go map used during the game’s development. As a result, the map may not have been updated to match the current version of Pokemon Go.

Although players hope for more gathering points to be added in future updates, they may have to venture further in search of resources until then. Niantic has a history of listening to player feedback and making improvements to their games, so there is optimism among the community that their requests will be considered.

In the meantime, Monster Hunter Now players continue to embark on adventures in the real world, hunting deadly beasts and gathering materials to strengthen their characters. As the game evolves, it will be exciting to see how Niantic responds to the community’s feedback and enhances the gameplay experience for players in all areas.

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