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New Final Fantasy 7 Game is Coming to PC

by Gamerx Ramiro

Exciting news for fans of Final Fantasy 7 as Ever Crisis is heading to PC, giving new players the chance to experience this popular game. Ever Crisis combines classic storytelling with modern graphics, allowing players to delve into familiar and new stories within the Final Fantasy 7 universe. The PC version of Ever Crisis will let players share data with the mobile version, offering a seamless gaming experience and the ability to play on more powerful devices.

Fans of Final Fantasy 7 have something to look forward to, as Square Enix has revealed that Ever Crisis is coming to PC in the future. This exciting development opens the door for new players to experience this recently released game set in the universe of Final Fantasy 7.

Ever Crisis initially made its debut on mobile devices, offering players the opportunity to explore the dystopian world of Final Fantasy 7 on their smartphones and tablets. The title features a gacha system that entices players to spend in-game currency to receive a random in-game item. Ever Crisis combines classic storytelling with modern graphics, quickly resonating with fans of the series. The mobile version of the game allowed players to immerse themselves in both familiar and new stories within the Final Fantasy 7 universe. This included revisiting the epic tale of Cloud Strife in the original story and delving into the backstory of Zack Fair from Crisis Core, which takes place seven years before the events of Final Fantasy 7.

It was previously confirmed that Ever Crisis was coming to Windows, but now Square Enix and Applibot have announced that they are currently developing a PC version of the game for release on Steam. While specific details about the PC release are still undisclosed, one key feature has been revealed: the PC version will allow players to share data with the existing mobile version of Ever Crisis. This means that players can potentially switch seamlessly between platforms, offering a more flexible and immersive gaming experience.

This is good news even for those who already have access to the game on their smartphones, as it will allow them to play on more powerful devices and avoid battery-related issues. The addition of a PC version also demonstrates Square Enix’s commitment to expanding its reach and making the game accessible to a broader audience. Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis works in an interesting way and has already received praise for its ability to capture the essence of the original game while introducing fresh elements.

PC players, both fans and newcomers alike, have much to anticipate as they prepare to embark on this journey through the world of Final Fantasy 7. With its engaging storytelling, retro-style look graphics, and the potential for cross-platform data sharing, even those who have never played the original Final Fantasy 7 can enjoy this title. This release adds to the anticipation of fans who are already eagerly awaiting the release of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth next year.

Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis is available for iOS and Android devices, and a PC version is also in development.

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