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New Pixel Watch 2 pin-based charger and retail box leak

by Maine Bacos

The latest leaks surrounding the upcoming Pixel Watch 2 have given us a glimpse of a new charger and retail packaging, as well as details on pricing. These leaks come just a day before the official announcement of the Google wearable.

Starting with the charger, the leaked images show a charging cable that looks very similar to the current Pixel Watch. However, there are four pins embedded into the underside of the puck. These pins align with circular contact points on the back of the watch, which appear indented rather than flush with the casing. The absence of the “G” logo on the charger suggests that it still connects via USB-C. It is worth noting that extra chargers will reportedly cost $29, the same as the current ones.

In terms of pricing, the Pixel Watch 2 is said to remain the same as the previous model. The Wi-Fi version will be priced at $349, while the LTE variant will cost $399. This is great news for potential buyers who were hoping for a reasonable price point.

Another leak reveals a new retail box design for the Pixel Watch 2. Unlike the current box, which opens from a landscape orientation, this one opens in portrait mode. The box bears a striking resemblance to Fitbit packaging, which suggests that Google might be taking inspiration from the popular fitness brand.

The leaks also give us a look at the new “Active Sport Band” for the Pixel Watch 2. While details on this band are scarce, it appears to be a stylish and functional option for users.

With the official announcement of the Pixel Watch 2 just around the corner, these leaks have certainly heightened excitement for the new wearable. The charger and retail packaging updates, along with the unchanged pricing, indicate that Google is focused on delivering a quality product at an affordable price. We eagerly await more information on the features and capabilities of the Pixel Watch 2.

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