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Nikon releases the Z f full-frame mirrorless camera | News

by Norman Scott

Nikon Corporation has recently unveiled its latest addition to the mirrorless camera lineup, the Nikon Z f. This full-frame/FX-format camera combines a heritage design inspired by the iconic Nikon film camera with cutting-edge performance features. The Z f is equipped with a full-frame sensor and the same powerful image-processing engine as the flagship Nikon Z 9, making it ideal for advanced still-image and video recording.

One of the primary features of the Nikon Z f is its heritage design, which pays homage to the classic FM2 film camera. The magnesium-alloy body has a glossy finish and features dials, a shutter-release button, and a power switch made of brass, giving it a high-quality feel. The camera also incorporates the Nikon logo used in the 1970-80s and engraved letters and numbers on the top, showcasing the passion for its heritage design. Moreover, the Z f offers a well-balanced grip and a carefully designed shutter-release button for optimal ergonomics. To further personalize the camera, users can choose from six Premium Exterior color options for the artificial leather covering.

In terms of imaging expression, the Nikon Z f offers a range of functions to expand creativity. Along with the conventional Monochrome Picture Control, it introduces Flat Monochrome and Deep Tone Monochrome Picture Controls, each with unique tone characteristics. The camera also features Creative Picture Controls that allow for more creative imaging expression. Additionally, the Z f supports pixel-shift shooting, a feature unique to this model, which enables high-resolution photos by merging multiple NEF (RAW) files.

For video production needs, the Nikon Z f provides excellent video performance. It supports in-camera, 10-bit H.265 recording, eliminating the need for external recorders to achieve full-scale video recording. The camera also allows for 4K UHD video recording using 6K oversampling, resulting in high-resolution video. With a recording time of approximately 125 minutes, the Z f is well-suited for scenes that require longer recording times. The camera inherits convenient video recording capabilities and functions from the Z 9, including ISO sensitivity adjustment and a red frame display during video recording. Furthermore, the Z f offers increased compatibility with accessory products from third-party manufacturers for a more versatile and comfortable video shooting experience.

When it comes to shooting performance, the Nikon Z f is equipped with the powerful EXPEED 7 image-processing engine found in the Z 9. This enables superior tracking performance with subject detection, ensuring sharp focus on moving subjects. The Z f offers nine different types of subject detection for both still-image and video recording. Additionally, the camera has an extended AF detection range down to -10 EV, enhancing focusing in low-light conditions. The Z f also features 5-axis in-camera vibration reduction (VR) equivalent to an 8.0-stop increase in shutter speed, providing excellent image stabilization even in challenging shooting situations. The camera introduces focus-point VR, a world-first among mirrorless cameras, which minimizes blur at the edges of the frame, particularly useful for compositions with subjects positioned at extreme edges.

The Nikon Z f comes with an array of additional features for enhanced user experience. It supports video recording in shutter-priority auto mode, offering more creative control over video shooting. The AF-area mode options include 3D-tracking in photo mode and Subject-tracking AF in video mode, expanding focusing options for various shooting scenarios. The camera optimizes the exposure for both image creation and autofocus, making it easier to focus on subjects in challenging lighting conditions. The coverage and number of focus points in auto-area AF mode have been increased for better focus acquisition with faraway or moving subjects. Custom wide-area AF mode has also been improved, making it more effective for scenes with multiple subjects. Noise reduction in flat portions of subjects is enhanced for improved image quality, and the Z f is the first full-frame Z series camera to feature a vari-angle monitor for flexible shooting angles. Additionally, it supports Touch Fn for adjusting camera settings while framing pictures in the viewfinder.

Nikon continues to innovate and improve its camera lineup, and the Nikon Z f is a testament to the company’s commitment to providing photographers and videographers with powerful tools for creative expression. With its heritage design and superior performance, the Z f opens up new possibilities in imaging culture and expands the horizons of imaging expression. Whether you’re a professional or an enthusiast, the Nikon Z f offers a perfect balance between a classic design and the latest technology.

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