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NTT ‘Edges’ Closer With Qualcomm

by Amelia Ramiro

NTT and Qualcomm are collaborating to develop 5G-enabled devices for Industry 4.0 applications. The partnership aims to deliver devices equipped to support the integration of technologies at the edge across industries such as manufacturing, transportation, and smart cities. NTT also announced the expansion of its Device-as-a-Service offering, allowing enterprises to access, upgrade, and recycle 5G and edge devices. The partnership comes as enterprises adopt private 5G networks, with IDC estimating that the market will exceed $8 billion by 2026. The collaboration between NTT and Qualcomm will focus on creating devices that support use cases like push-to-talk devices, augmented reality headsets, computer vision cameras, and sensors. The companies aim to enhance AI processing at the edge through the integration of AI models into 5G-ready devices. Data visibility, control, and security will be prioritized to achieve operational excellence for global manufacturing sites.

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