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NYT Connections hint and answers today: September 28 (#109)

by Gamerx Ramiro

The New York Times Connections puzzle game has gained popularity among puzzle enthusiasts for its unique challenge of finding the common thread that connects four seemingly unrelated words. If you’re looking to solve the September 28 (#109) game, you’re in luck because we have all the answers right here.

But before we dive into the answers, let’s take a look at the hints provided for today’s puzzle. These hints can give your gameplay a quick boost and help you reach the solution faster. Here are the hints for each group of words:


Yellow: A diamond ring, a polished mirror, a fish in clear water. These are all words used to describe the way something might catch the light.

Green: If you were hungry and out alone in the wilderness, you might need to do one or all of these to feed yourself.

Blue: All four of these words represent a different subgenre of music—specifically rap.

Purple: There’s one word missing from the front of these four, something bright and airy.

Now, let’s move on to the answers:

???? Yellow: Flash, Gleam, Glitter, Sparkle (Reflect light)

???? Green: Fish, Forage, Hunt, Trap (Ways to gather food)

???? Blue: Bounce, Crunk, Drill, Grime (Rap subgenres)

???? Purple: Beer, Bulb, Rail, Year (Light_____)

Congratulations if you managed to solve the Connections puzzle with these answers!

Now, let’s explore more about the New York Times’ Connections puzzle game. In this game, you’re challenged to find the common thread that connects four words that may initially seem unrelated. The game becomes progressively challenging, with four groups of words to solve before making four mistakes.

It’s essential to remember that each day’s puzzle has only one solution, even if some words may appear to belong to multiple groups. If you find yourself stuck, don’t hesitate to shuffle the grid as many times as you need. Sometimes, a fresh perspective can unlock the solution.

If you enjoy the Connections puzzle, you might also enjoy the board game Codenames. Codenames is a popular party game that requires players to guess words based on clues provided. Similar to Connections, Codenames challenges players to interpret words in different ways, making it a great choice for puzzle lovers.

Connections seems to have drawn inspiration from the hit puzzle game Wordle, which the New York Times acquired in 2022. One striking similarity between Wordle and Connections is the use of colored emojis to share puzzle results on social media.

When solving Connections, each color in the grid represents a grouping of four words. A row with mixed colors indicates that one or more words in a group were incorrectly guessed. Additionally, the rows indicate the order in which you solved the puzzle. The New York Times ranks the rows from “straightforward” to “tricky,” starting with yellow and progressing to purple.

So, whether you’re playing Connections for the fun of it or to avoid losing, these answers and hints should help you on your puzzle-solving journey. Enjoy the game and keep challenging your brain with these intriguing word connections!

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