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October’s video game release calendar is a little too stacked

by Norman Scott

October may be a beautiful time of year with fall foliage and pumpkin spice everything, but for gamers, it can be a downright overwhelming month. With a slew of highly anticipated releases hitting the shelves, it’s more like a frenzy of game launches on steroids. Just when you thought the summer had given us some epic titles, October takes it up a notch with an even greater number of high-profile games crammed into a shorter stretch of time.

Kicking off the month, we have Wargroove 2 and Assassin’s Creed Mirage both releasing on October 5th. Assassin’s Creed fans will be thrilled with Mirage as it promises to be a return to the series’ action-adventure roots, taking players back to the Middle East and featuring Basim, a character from Valhalla. Ubisoft is fully committed to the Assassin’s Creed franchise, with a live-action Netflix series, a mobile game, and even more projects in the works.

Detective Pikachu and NHL 24 also hit shelves on October 6th, followed by Forza Motorsport and Roblox on PlayStation on October 10th. Honkai: Star Rail brings its action to the PS5 on October 11th, and Lords of the Fallen arrives on October 13th. But it’s the middle of October that truly becomes an avalanche of gaming goodness, with major releases dropping one after another.

Sonic Superstars, launching on October 17th, may not be Sonic Mania 2, but it certainly packs a punch. Combining classic 2D side-scrolling with new power-ups and four-player co-op, this game is sure to win over Sonic fans. Gargoyles Remastered and The 7th Guest VR release on October 19th, followed by the highly anticipated Super Mario Bros. Wonder on October 20th. As the first Mario game to release during the holiday Switch-buying season and with a new voice actor for Mario, fans are eagerly awaiting the credits to roll to discover who has taken on the iconic role.

October 20th is also a big day for Marvel fans, as Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 swings onto the scene, featuring both Miles Morales and Peter Parker. Together, the duo takes on foes such as Venom and Kraven the Hunter in the beloved New York setting. Metal Gear Solid Collection and Cities: Skylines II launch on October 24th, and Dave the Diver makes a splash on the Switch on October 26th. Ghostrunner 2 and the highly anticipated Alan Wake 2 follow on October 26th and 27th, respectively.

While these are just a few of the exciting games coming out in October, it’s worth mentioning a couple of honorable mentions that released in late September but are so close to October that they feel part of the madness. El Paso, Elsewhere and Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty both launched on September 26th, adding to the frenzy of game releases.

It’s truly mind-boggling to think about the sheer number of games coming out in October. While it’s an exciting time for gamers, it’s also overwhelming. As much as we love having a wealth of options, it would be nice if developers didn’t all choose the same month to go all out. This level of quantity and quality is a gift to gamers, but let’s hope we don’t experience this level of game overload again in the future.

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