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OnePlus Open spotted in the wild ahead of rumored October launch

by Maine Bacos

The OnePlus Open smartphone, which has been the subject of much anticipation and speculation, may finally be released in October. Rumors suggest that the phone’s release was delayed, as it was originally expected to launch in late July. However, if the October release rumor is true, it would explain why Indian actress Anushka Sharma was recently spotted with the foldable device.

In what appears to be a marketing stunt, OnePlus seemingly provided the Open to Sharma and instructed her to showcase it to the paparazzi. This resulted in an awkward pose that inadvertently revealed both the external body and internal screen of the phone. While the leaked images and videos have generated buzz for the device, some argue that OnePlus could have employed more effective marketing strategies.

Despite the awkward circumstances surrounding the leak, it has provided tangible evidence that the phone is more than just a concept. Multiple videos and photos captured the moment, offering a clear view of the device’s 6.3-inch OLED cover screen, 7.8-inch OLED internal screen, and camera array on the back enclosed by a raised circular element. Fans also hope Sharma would confirm rumors about the phone’s processor by expressing her admiration for the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip.

The staged (or possibly genuine) leak has piqued interest in the phone’s official unveiling. With several brands venturing into the folding phone market to challenge Samsung, competition is expected to drive innovation and lead to more affordable prices for consumers in the long run. While initial struggles are common for first-generation phones, companies will be compelled to improve their offerings.

Even if OnePlus intentionally leaked the phone, it is not the most unconventional marketing approach we have witnessed. T-Mobile, for example, distributed Reese’s Cups during Halloween to promote its 5G plans. Nvidia took it to the next level by creating a crop circle in the shape of its Tegra K1 chip, showcasing its “unearthly technology.” If OnePlus aims to compete in terms of creativity and audacity, it will need to devise more compelling marketing strategies.

In conclusion, the potential release of the OnePlus Open smartphone in October has generated significant excitement. The leaked images and videos, featuring Indian actress Anushka Sharma, have provided a glimpse into the phone’s design and features. While OnePlus may have employed an unconventional marketing strategy, it is clear that competition in the folding phone market is intensifying. Fans eagerly await the official unveiling of the OnePlus Open, which promises to offer innovative features and competitive prices.

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