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Overwatch 2 Teases a Diablo 4 Crossover for Season 7 and a Badass Moira Skin

by Norman Scott

Overwatch 2 has just announced the start of its Season 7: Rise of Darkness, coinciding with the Halloween season. One of the highlights of this new season is the introduction of a Lilith skin for the character Moira. The announcement was made on the official Overwatch Twitter account, with a video showcasing the Blizzard World map updated for the annual Halloween PvE event, Junkenstein’s Revenge.

The brief trailer also hinted at other Halloween-themed skins, such as Widowmaker and Echo, as well as a new Mythic skin for Hanzo. Fans have already speculated about the upcoming content on Reddit, uncovering leaks that seem to match the Halloween theme.

The Moira skin, inspired by Lilith, the main antagonist of Diablo IV, adds to the growing crossover between Diablo and Overwatch. Players can also play as Lilith, thanks to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.0’s recent The Haunting event. The event introduced two Diablo-themed bundles featuring Lilith and Inarius Operators.

This is not the first time Overwatch has ventured into the Diablo universe. Previous Diablo-themed skins in Overwatch include Barbarian Zarya, Demon Hunter Sombra, and Butcher Roadhog. The crossover between these two Activision Blizzard IPs provides a unique experience for fans of both franchises.

In addition to the Season 7 announcement, Overwatch developers also shared a deep dive on the new map, Samoa, during the Overwatch League Grand Finals. Samoa is a control map set to launch alongside Season 7 on Oct. 10. Players can expect exciting team fights and beautiful sights in locations such as the beach, downtown, and volcano points.

The introduction of the Lilith skin and the upcoming Halloween-themed event in Overwatch 2 adds to the excitement of the spooky season. Fans can look forward to experiencing the Rise of Darkness in Season 7, as well as exploring the new Samoa map.

Overall, the crossover between Diablo and Overwatch brings together two beloved franchises for an engaging gaming experience. With the introduction of new skins, maps, and events, players have even more reasons to dive into the world of Overwatch 2 during the Halloween season.

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