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Overwatch 2 unveils first look at Sombra “Virus” ability & new Stealth radius

by Norman Scott

Title: Overwatch 2 Unveils First Look at Sombra’s Season 7 Rework: Introducing the “Virus” Ability and Unique Stealth Radius

Date: October 4, 2023

Author: Jeremy Gan

Overwatch 2 players have eagerly been awaiting details on the Season 7 rework of Sombra, one of the game’s most controversial heroes. Finally, on August 6, Overwatch 2 Director Aaron Keller confirmed that Sombra would indeed be receiving a rework. After months of anticipation, we now have a first look at Sombra’s upcoming changes, including her new “Virus” ability and a unique Stealth radius.

In a tweet from the official Overwatch 2 Twitter account, a brief video was shared that showcased Sombra’s new kit, accompanied by the caption, “Sombra’s bringing a Virus to the battlefield.” While the video did not provide specific details, it revealed that Sombra will launch a “Virus” projectile at her enemies, implying that the ability deals damage over time. The video featured Reinhardt being impacted by the ability for a few seconds before the effect faded.

The tweet and video left some questions unanswered, such as whether the Virus ability is a skill shot or how it will interact with the rest of Sombra’s kit. Players are eagerly awaiting further information to fully understand the scope of this rework.

Another small teaser introduced a change to Sombra’s Stealth ability. Observant players noticed that when Sombra is in Stealth mode, there appears to be a radius within which an enemy entering it may decloak the player. This new mechanic adds a spy-checking aspect to the gameplay, giving players an additional way to detect Sombra while she is in Stealth.

However, it is important to note that no official confirmation has been provided regarding the speculated nature of these new abilities. It is advised to take all of this information with a grain of salt until the Season 7 update is released. Nonetheless, it is clear that Sombra’s rework aims to significantly alter how players approach the hero.

Fans of Overwatch 2 can expect Season 7 to bring about exciting changes and new possibilities for Sombra. Whether Sombra’s rework will be well-received by the community remains to be seen, but it is a testament to the developers’ dedication to evolving the gameplay experience and keeping it fresh. Stay tuned for further updates on Sombra’s rework as the release date for Season 7 approaches.

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