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Overwatch 2’s new control map Samoa fully revealed at OWL Finals

by Norman Scott

Overwatch 2 players rejoice! The developers are paying attention to the classic Control mode and have introduced a new map called Samoa in Season 7. Since the launch of Overwatch 2, the new Push and Flashpoint modes have received mixed reviews, leaving some players yearning for the classic modes from the first game. Thankfully, the developers have listened to the community and are giving Control mode some much-deserved love.

Samoa is a vibrant and diverse map with a tropical backdrop, providing a unique location within the game. It stands out from the game’s other locations and adds a brilliant splash of color to Overwatch 2. The map consists of three different areas, each with its own distinct features.

The first point, Beach, is an oceanside map filled with small villas and huts that provide cover for players. The control point itself is sunken into the map, making it challenging for defenders to hold their ground and encouraging attackers to strategize different approaches.

Downtown, the second point, offers a less open map. Packed streets funnel players into a large, open area with a central tower. The inspiration for this map came from Numbani, evident in its focus on verticality and narrow passageways.

The final point, Volcano, is sure to excite Lucio players. The map features a lava pit lining the control point, giving players the opportunity to push their enemies into the fiery depths. It is the most open of the three maps, allowing players more options for long-range combat. Each map in Samoa requires different playstyles, forcing players to adapt and switch up their strategies between rounds.

Additionally, there is speculation that the Samoa map is a precursor to the introduction of Mauga, a highly anticipated hero. Many fans believe that Mauga will be added in Season 8, and the connection between the hero and the map is fueling their excitement.

Samoa will be released on October 10 when Season 7 kicks off. This new map is a testament to the developers’ dedication to providing multiplayer content and consistent balance updates. While the full PvE campaign may have been put on hold, Overwatch 2 players can still expect regular updates, new maps, and engaging modes to keep the game fresh.

So, get ready to dive into the colorful and exciting world of Samoa in Overwatch 2. Whether you’re defending the control point at Beach, navigating the narrow streets of Downtown, or trying to push enemies into the fiery depths of Volcano, this new map promises to inject new life into the beloved Control mode. Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to embrace the tropical paradise of Samoa in Overwatch 2.

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