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Panos Panay is joining Amazon after 19 years at Microsoft

by Norman Scott

Microsoft executive Panos Panay will be joining Amazon as the new leader of its devices and services organization, announced Amazon CEO Andy Jassy in an internal note to employees. Panay, known for his expertise in product building and innovation in both hardware and integrated services, is expected to make a significant contribution to Amazon’s growth in this sector.

Panay, who has spent almost 20 years at Microsoft, has played a pivotal role in several major projects, including the Microsoft Surface lineup and the development of the company’s Windows operating system. His departure from Microsoft marks the end of an era, but also opens the door for new opportunities at Amazon.

The transition is set to take place at the end of October, with Dave Limp, Amazon’s current devices and services chief, working closely with Panay during the initial period to ensure a smooth handover of responsibilities. Limp expressed his enthusiasm about Panay joining the organization, highlighting his passion for product leadership and his belief in the positive impact Panay will have on the team.

The move comes as Amazon continues to expand its presence in the hardware and integrated services market. With Panay’s deep experience and expertise, the company aims to further strengthen its position and drive innovation in these areas. This strategic acquisition is expected to generate significant value and bring fresh perspectives to Amazon’s product development strategies.

The hiring of Panay not only reflects Amazon’s commitment to attracting top talent but also signals a new chapter for the company’s devices and services division. As the market continues to evolve and competition intensifies, it is crucial for Amazon to have visionary leaders who can steer the organization towards continued success.

Only time will reveal the full extent of Panay’s impact at Amazon. However, given his proven track record and leadership abilities, the expectations are high. As the transition period unfolds, employees and industry observers alike eagerly await the results of Panay’s collaboration with the Amazon team and the innovative products they will bring to market.

Ultimately, Panay’s appointment at Amazon represents a significant coup for the company and a loss for Microsoft. It reinforces the fierce competition between the tech giants and highlights the importance of attracting and retaining top talent in driving success in the rapidly evolving devices and services sector. As Amazon continues to expand its presence in this market, Panay’s addition to the team positions the company for even greater achievements in the future.

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