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Passwordless passkeys will now be the default option for Google accounts

by Norman Scott

Google is taking steps to revolutionize password security by introducing passkeys as an alternative to traditional passwords. These passkeys allow users to unlock accounts and devices using features such as fingerprint scanning, face recognition, or a pin number. According to Google, passkeys are not only more secure but also faster to use compared to passwords that need to be memorized.

The company initially announced support for passkeys in May and has now made them the default option during password creation, as revealed in a recent blog post. Google’s ultimate goal is to minimize and eventually eliminate the need for passwords entirely, encouraging the industry as a whole to make the switch to passkeys. By doing so, Google aims to enhance security and convenience for users.

While passkeys will be the recommended method, Google acknowledges that some users may still prefer the traditional password option. Therefore, the company will continue to support passwords as an alternative. Users will also have the choice to disable the passkey feature by turning off the “skip password when possible” option in their accounts.

Passkeys are already being adopted as password alternatives for popular apps such as YouTube, Search, Maps, Uber, and eBay. WhatsApp is also anticipated to incorporate passkey capabilities, according to Google’s blog. The FIDO Alliance, a consortium focused on security, has played a significant role in developing passkey standards. Tech giants like Microsoft, Apple, and Google have collaborated to turn passkeys into a reality, aligning with the standards set forth by the consortium.

Apple has already introduced its own passkey option with the release of iOS 16, enabling users to utilize passkeys across various apps, including Apple Wallet. Passkey support was initially launched on Chrome and Android devices in October 2022, showcasing the growing adoption of this new security method.

By encouraging the industry to embrace passkeys, Google is taking a significant step towards reducing reliance on traditional passwords. As passkeys become more widely adopted, users can benefit from enhanced security and a simpler authentication process. With the collaboration of major tech companies and industry consortiums, the era of passwords may gradually come to an end, making way for more secure and user-friendly authentication methods.

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