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Payday 3 dev says “more heists are in development”

by Gamerx Ramiro

Starbreeze Entertainment continues its efforts to improve the player experience in Payday 3, following a somewhat rocky launch. The developer has been actively addressing the game’s online matchmaking issues and has plans for updates and new content to enhance the overall gameplay.

During multiple live update streams, Starbreeze revealed several upcoming features and fixes for Payday 3. In response to a question about the game’s lack of content at launch, the developer acknowledged that it may seem sparse compared to the decade’s worth of content in Payday 2 but assured players that this will not be the case for long. Starbreeze plans to release both free and paid content post-launch to enhance the overall experience.

In addition to the previously announced heists, Starbreeze unveiled a “post-launch campaign” that will feature new characters, heists, quality-of-life improvements, and more. This additional content was originally planned to arrive earlier, but the development team had to prioritize stability and address technical issues with the game servers first.

The focus on improving the matchmaking system suggests that players can expect further Payday 3 matchmaking upgrades before the arrival of new heists. Starbreeze further confirmed the development of additional heists in response to a player inquiry on Twitter. It’s evident that the team has ambitious plans for the game and is actively working on delivering exciting new content.

As we eagerly await the outcome of these updates, it’s worth exploring Payday 3 for ourselves. For a comprehensive understanding of the game’s current state, reading through the Payday 3 review on PCGamesN is recommended. When the servers are functioning properly, Payday 3 proves to be a genuinely addictive game.

For those already immersed in the world of heisting, PCGamesN offers a guide to all the Payday 3 vault codes, making each mission a little easier. Alternatively, the website provides an in-depth analysis of the best Payday 3 weapons to ensure players have the right tools for their in-game jobs. Whether one prefers assault rifles or shotguns, PCGamesN has got players covered.

Starbreeze Entertainment’s dedication to improving Payday 3 is commendable. By addressing the game’s shortcomings and actively working on updates and new content, the developer is striving to create an even better player experience. Fans of the series can look forward to exciting new heists and other features in the near future, making Payday 3 an even more captivating game.

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