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PC Game With Overwhelmingly Positive Reviews is Finally Coming to PS5 and Xbox

by Gamerx Ramiro

Teardown, the popular voxel destruction heist game, will finally be available on PlayStation and Xbox consoles later this year, after initially only being available on PC via Steam. Gamers control the owner of a demolition company in Teardown, tasked with pulling off heists and utilizing their demolition skills to destroy buildings, crack safes, and steal cars. The console version of Teardown will include the “Art Vandals” expansion, a Sandbox Mode, level challenges, and the ability to install community-created mods, offering a diverse and chaotic gaming experience with impressive fire and destruction physics.

Years after being offered on Steam via early access, PlayStation 5 and Xbox console owners will finally get the chance to play Teardown on their preferred gaming consoles. The voxel destruction heist game developed by Tuxedo Labs and co-published by Saber Interactive has thus far only been available on PC. Teardown will be available on PS5 and Xbox later this year.

Teardown is a sandbox puzzle game where the player controls the owner of a demolition company whose business has seen better days. After taking on a questionable contract, the player character must pull off a series of heists and take full advantage of the one thing they know how to do: teardown everything in sight. Teardown has been primarily available on Steam since it went into early access on October 29, 2020, before eventually receiving a full release on April 21, 2022.

Teardown has been an enormous hit, due in large part to its viral success among streamers. It is currently labeled with the Overwhelmingly Positive tag with 71,000 reviews on Steam. After the full release, reviews for Teardown generally agreed that while it is a chaotically good time, some concepts felt underdeveloped and, overall, Teardown could have benefited from a more diverse set of challenges, as repetition quickly sets in over the span of its nine levels. PlayStation and Xbox gamers can try the game for themselves starting November 15.

In Teardown, gamers control the owner of Lockelle Teardown Services, a demolition company that is deeply in debt. To work their way out of it, the player must accept work from some unsavory individuals that quickly devolve into plots of vengeance and insurance fraud. Players are tasked with creatively using their powers of demolition to crack open safes, destroy buildings, and steal cars using an increasingly more chaotic set of tools, beginning with a sledgehammer before eventually using bombs and rocket launchers.

Finally, on November 15, 2023, PS5 and Xbox gamers will be able to smash their way through each of Teardown’s nine sandbox levels and campaign that spans 40 missions. The move to consoles will come with the “Art Vandals” expansion, along with a Sandbox Mode, and level challenges. Console players will also be able to install community-created mods from a curated list of the best mods Teardown fans have to offer, and all are accompanied by some of the best fire and destruction physics in gaming.

Teardown is currently available on Windows PC and will be available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S on November 15, 2023.

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