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Peninsula Sanitary Service, Inc. (PSSI) and AMCS Partner on AI

by Joey De Leon

Peninsula Sanitary Service, Inc. (PSSI) has announced its collaboration with AMCS to deploy its advanced AMCS Vision AI solution. This artificial intelligence-driven computer vision solution aims to provide haulers with automated and continuous insights across their operations.

The AMCS Vision AI solution consists of a camera and recording device installed on a collection vehicle. It records images at the point of collection and sends them to an Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning engine. This engine automatically detects exceptions such as contamination, overfills, and safety incidents. The rich data collected is then analyzed and utilized for insights and actions on the AMCS Platform portal.

One of the main benefits of AMCS Vision AI is its ability to automatically identify contamination in recycling, organic, and landfill streams in containers at client sites without any driver intervention required. These images can then be shared with clients as feedback to improve the quality of recyclables collected.

Improving the quality of recycling material is crucial due to the high financial costs of contamination and increasing regulatory focus on environmental sustainability. For example, the SB1383 regulations in California highlight the importance of proper waste management and reducing contamination.

Andrew Pellegrini, Vice President/General Manager of PSSI, expressed excitement about the partnership with AMCS and the value it adds to their services. PSSI aims to work closely with its end clients to educate and advise them on improving the recyclables they present and avoiding contaminants. This aligns with their commitment to sustainability.

Ken Tierney, Product Manager at AMCS US, praised the partnership with PSSI, highlighting their clear vision and ambition to leverage advanced technology to become an industry leader in delivering sustainability to their customers. The use of Artificial Intelligence allows private haulers and municipalities to identify and prevent contamination at scale in a highly automated fashion. It also aids in detecting other exceptions such as overfills.

Peninsula Sanitary Service, Inc. (PSSI) is a family-owned business that provides recycling, organics, and waste collection services in California’s Bay Area. Their collaboration with AMCS on the deployment of AMCS Vision AI underlines their dedication to improving recycling practices and supporting environmental sustainability.

AMCS Group is a global technology leader for the environmental, waste, recycling, and resource industries. With offices in Europe, North America, and Australia, AMCS helps over 4,000 customers optimize their operations, reduce costs, drive sustainability, and improve customer service. Their enterprise software and SaaS solutions contribute to the emerging circular economy worldwide.

The partnership between PSSI and AMCS represents a significant step towards transforming waste management practices using advanced technology and artificial intelligence. By focusing on improving the quality of recyclables collected, haulers like PSSI can contribute to a more sustainable future and fulfill their shared mission of environmental stewardship.

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