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Pennsylvania governor signs executive order on use of AI

by Joey De Leon

Governor Josh Shapiro of Pennsylvania has signed an executive order outlining the state’s use of artificial intelligence (AI) and establishing guidelines for its responsible integration into government operations. The order aims to utilize AI technology to enhance employees’ jobs, revolutionize online services, and better serve the citizens of Pennsylvania.

The executive order sets standards and a governance framework for the use of generative AI by state agencies. It also entails engaging with key AI research institutions, such as Carnegie Mellon University, to understand the potential impacts and opportunities of AI on the state’s workforce and digital service delivery. Additionally, a Generative AI Governing Board will be established to guide policy, use, and deployment.

In a statement, Governor Shapiro emphasized the importance of embracing AI technology and harnessing its power responsibly. He highlighted the need for education and proactive measures to minimize risks while maximizing the benefits of innovation. By integrating AI into government operations, Pennsylvania can move at the speed of business and provide better service to its residents.

The executive order outlines ten core values to govern the use of generative AI in Pennsylvania, including accuracy, adaptability, equity and fairness, privacy, safety and security, and transparency. To support the implementation of these values, the Office of Administration will create training materials for AI use and develop certifications for employees.

Governor Shapiro believes that AI is a tool that can enhance employees’ jobs and revolutionize online services in order to make Pennsylvania the best government service provider in the country. He also directed government agencies to prepare for the impact of AI on operations, with public safety experts working to address the potential threats posed by AI.

To support the responsible integration of AI, Governor Shapiro announced a partnership with Carnegie Mellon University’s Block Center for Technology and Society, a leading research institution in generative AI. The collaboration will leverage faculty expertise, provide advisory support for the Generative AI Governance Board, and foster additional research and collaboration on the usage of generative AI.

The Governor’s efforts to embrace and regulate AI technology have received both cautionary and supportive responses. Some students at Carnegie Mellon University expressed concern about underestimating the power of AI and the need for careful handling, while others applauded the Governor’s proactive approach to harnessing its potential.

In conclusion, Governor Josh Shapiro’s executive order on Pennsylvania’s use of AI reflects the state’s commitment to embrace technology responsibly. By establishing standards, engaging with research institutions, and harnessing the expertise of AI, Pennsylvania aims to revolutionize government operations, enhance services, and serve its residents better.

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