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Phil Spencer: Japanese PC Gaming Market Doubled & PC Game Pass Subs in Asia Quadupled in 3 Years

by Gamerx Ramiro

Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer recently made an appearance during a livestream hosted by Xbox to celebrate the Tokyo Game Show. During the stream, Spencer revealed some interesting details about Microsoft’s business in Japan and Asia.

Spencer began his talk by expressing his appreciation for Japan’s pioneering efforts in innovative ways to play games. He mentioned iconic devices such as the Game Boy, PSP, and Nintendo Switch, stating that Japan will always have a special place in his heart for these innovations.

The executive then shifted the conversation towards the growth of PC gaming in Asia. Spencer noted that the number of subscribers for PC Game Pass in the region has more than quadrupled over the past three years. He highlighted the importance of providing players with flexibility in where and how they play, emphasizing Xbox’s goal to enable players to enjoy games with friends anywhere they want.

Interestingly, Spencer also acknowledged the growth of PC gaming in Japan specifically, with the market size doubling over the past three years. This realization has prompted Microsoft to prioritize creating content that will appeal to Japanese PC players, indicating their commitment to catering to the Japanese gaming community.

Spencer went on to mention the success of the Japanese World Update for Microsoft Flight Simulator, which has seen nearly 15 million flights flown out of Japanese airports since its release. He also highlighted the availability of games like Flight Simulator on handheld devices and mobile phones through innovations like Game Pass and Xbox cloud gaming.

Furthermore, Spencer expressed pride in Microsoft’s lineup of games for 2023, including titles such as Hi-Fi Rush, Starfield, and Forza Motorsports. These upcoming releases are expected to enhance the gaming experience for players in Japan and beyond.

Spencer concluded his talk by expressing gratitude for the support from players in Japan, Asia, and beyond. He reassured the audience that Microsoft remains committed to delivering games that players will love on the Xbox platform.

The Tokyo Game Show 2023 is currently underway and will continue until Sunday, September 24. Techraptor, a prominent gaming news outlet, is covering all the latest developments, including reporting, previews, and interviews from the event.

In conclusion, Phil Spencer’s appearance during the Xbox livestream at the Tokyo Game Show offered valuable insights into Microsoft’s focus on the Japanese and Asian gaming markets. The company’s commitment to providing innovative gaming experiences across various platforms highlights its dedication to cater to the evolving needs and preferences of players in these regions.

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