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Pixel 8 Pro leak shows off Tensor G3 specs

by Norman Scott

The upcoming release of the Google Pixel 8 Pro has been making waves in the tech community, with leaks and rumors circulating about its features and specifications. A recent retail leak has provided more insight into the phone’s capabilities, specifically unveiling key specs of the Tensor G3, the processor powering the device.

According to a hardware specifications app running on the Pixel 8 Pro, the Tensor G3 sports a 1+4+4 layout, which is a departure from the previous two generations that had a 2+2+4 configuration. The processor is built on a 4 nm process and features a Cortex-X3 as the big/flagship core, clocked at 2.91 GHz. This core is complemented by four Cortex-A715 cores running at 2.37 GHz, which reportedly offer performance that matches that of the Cortex-X1. The Tensor G3 also includes four Cortex-A510 cores, running at 1.7 GHz, which is an upgrade from Google’s previous use of the Cortex-A55 since the original Tensor chip.

The GPU on the Tensor G3 is listed as “Mali-G715,” with rumors indicating that it might be the Immortalis variant, supporting hardware-based ray tracing. However, there is another version of the “Mali” GPU that offers variable rate shading for energy savings and gaming performance boost. The leaked specs also include screenshots of the camera capabilities of the Pixel 8 Pro, although it’s important to note that these specs may not always be interpreted correctly by apps. Additionally, a “Goodix” fingerprint sensor is mentioned.

It will be interesting to see how much Google reveals about the Tensor G3 during the launch event and in subsequent days. Historically, Google has preferred to focus on the software and AI capabilities enabled by its chips rather than providing detailed specifications in general marketing. However, it’s worth noting that Google is expected to switch to TSMC with the Tensor G5, so it remains to be seen if that changes the company’s approach.

As the launch event approaches, tech enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting more information about the Pixel 8 Pro and its powerful Tensor G3 processor. The leaks and rumors have generated excitement and anticipation for what Google has in store for its flagship device. We can expect a blend of impressive hardware and software innovations that continue to push the boundaries of what a smartphone can do.

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