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Pixel Watch 2 brings a few new watch faces [Gallery]

by Norman Scott

Google is set to launch the highly anticipated Pixel Watch 2, which will come with support for Wear OS 4 right out of the box. In addition to the new software, the smartwatch will also introduce several new watch faces for users to choose from.

One of the new watch faces is called “Digital Bold,” which matches one of the new lockscreen styles found in Android 14 on Pixel phones. This watch face features a simple design and can be customized with different color options. Users can also choose between a “Just Time” layout or enable up to three complications off to the side.

Another watch face called “Adventure” is a more info-dense design offered by Google. It displays the time using analog hands and includes readouts for the day of the week and date. It also features four complication slots for additional information. Users can edit this watch face to use a digital clock or add “Arcs,” which appear along the radius of the display with four additional complication slots.

For those who prefer an analog face, the “Analog Arcs” watch face is a great option. Similar to the Adventure face, it also shows arc complications by default. Users can choose between four arcs or two larger ones, and there is also a “minimal” design with a simpler layout. This watch face is available in various colors to suit individual preferences.

Google is also introducing a very simple and glanceable watch face called “Large Scale.” This watch face features a big digital clock and a singular complication. Users can move the complication off to the side or remove it entirely. The default complication is the heart rate, but it can be customized to display other information.

Another interesting watch face is “Rotation,” which is an analog face that displays the date along the minute and hour hands. It also features a second hand that shows the number of each point on the clock as it passes by. While this watch face is not very flexible and does not support complications, it offers a unique and fun design.

These are just a few of the new watch faces that will be available on the Pixel Watch 2. It’s worth noting that these options will likely also be available on the original Pixel Watch when Google releases its Wear OS 4 update in the near future.

The Pixel Watch 2 is set to be released on October 12, and pre-orders are now open. Users can expect an upgraded smartwatch experience with the latest Wear OS software and a variety of stylish watch faces to choose from.

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